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Darkfall: The Movie

37 minutes of pure Darkfall PvP goodness. Screw L00se is the one calling the shots, and I love that vent is included in the video. It really shows off the coordination needed for top-end Darkfall PvP. Hats off to Zealots … Continue reading

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Dragon Age 2 slipping off my radar

I think I’ve mentioned before that I definitely looking forward to The Witcher 2 way more than Dragon Age 2, but this preview from Warcry just tipped the scale even more in favor of Witcher. Anyone else read the preview … Continue reading

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Steam Sale

I was going to say every game is 50% off or more , but then realized the exaggeration might cause some confusion. I then later realized it’s kinda accurate… Anyway, Steam Sale, huge, check it out. Titan Quest for $5 … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Weekend update

I played a lot of Darkfall this weekend, mostly due to League of Legends interest having mostly dropped to only playing with Aria. Inq seems to be semi-inactive over it as well. While nothing of amazing interest happened in Darkfall,  … Continue reading

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Looking back at 2010

Prompted by Lum doing it, lets review my 2010 predictions and see how I do. I’m not sure when I’m going to do my 2011 predictions, but my guess is sometime next week. I’ve not really thought about 2011, but … Continue reading

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Darkfall’s solution to Chinese gold farmers

Covert Ops indeed. Edit: Should include this video as well; a good demonstration of small-group tactics against a much larger force.

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Patch giveth, and patch… not giveth as much?

The bad news is that today’s Darkfall patch did not deliver the items I was hoping it would, and instead ended up just tweaking a few things for balance purposes along with adding in the holiday update. Still nice, and … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Meditation thoughts + next patch

It would seem that I picked a great time to get back into Darkfall, as this update mentions a lot of rather exciting things, chief among them fixes to clan warfare and the expanding of the meditation (offline skilling) system. … Continue reading

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Collision Detection revisited

Different games require different things, and something vital to one might be completely trivial to another. The goal of this post is to consider how important spot-on collision detection is to Darkfall, and to also touch on some other games … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Northern Sea Fortress

Darkfall’s latest patch set the Sea Fortresses to go live in prime time rather than on a moving 22 hour schedule. The patch also made it so they go live daily, which might be a bug (the previous timer was … Continue reading

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