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Blood Bowl on sale

As some have already mentioned, Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is on sale today on Steam. It’s a great game if you enjoy turn-based strategy titles, and our league is going strong. I’d say with this sale, it’s a good time … Continue reading

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Rift’s biggest issue? The hype

Has anyone seen anyone post about Rift? So hard to get info about that game… I kid, and of course, I myself wrote about it yesterday, so pot kettle black blablabla. Head over to Virgin Worlds to find the latest … Continue reading

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Rift talky talk

The Rift NDA is down, Syp has a nice write-up. As expected, the rift system is WAR’s PQ system but more. I think the make or break for Rift will be just how big that ‘more’ really is. Opinions about … Continue reading

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Darkfall: The Movie

37 minutes of pure Darkfall PvP goodness. Screw L00se is the one calling the shots, and I love that vent is included in the video. It really shows off the coordination needed for top-end Darkfall PvP. Hats off to Zealots … Continue reading

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Dragon Age 2 slipping off my radar

I think I’ve mentioned before that I definitely looking forward to The Witcher 2 way more than Dragon Age 2, but this preview from Warcry just tipped the scale even more in favor of Witcher. Anyone else read the preview … Continue reading

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Steam Sale

I was going to say every game is 50% off or more , but then realized the exaggeration might cause some confusion. I then later realized it’s kinda accurate… Anyway, Steam Sale, huge, check it out. Titan Quest for $5 … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Weekend update

I played a lot of Darkfall this weekend, mostly due to League of Legends interest having mostly dropped to only playing with Aria. Inq seems to be semi-inactive over it as well. While nothing of amazing interest happened in Darkfall,  … Continue reading

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