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Post 1001

Kinda missed the milestone, as the post below this one was number 1000. On Monday I should have a post up with some stats and such on what has happened around here on the way to 1000+, but if nothing … Continue reading

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New Bloodbowl League!

We are starting a new Blood Bowl league. 8 teams, all of different races. Expectation is to play at least one game per week, but coaches should be flexible with times so that everyone always gets their game in. League … Continue reading

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Player vs Business success

(Numbers and games used in this post are just examples. Don’t comment that they are ‘wrong’. Thanks) As a customer, what does WAR having 100k subs and Darkfall having 20k subs mean to you? What does it mean to the … Continue reading

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Clearly the work of the devil

It’s Darkfall’s 666th day live today, there is a full moon tonight, and the Darkfall twitter feed has 666 followers. -hat-tip Tasos for the info.

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Slow week here

Due to not sitting in front of a computer for 9hrs+ each day at work, I won’t be able to blog much this week. IRL FTL and all that. Still playing and loving Warband (Floris mod is good), Aria is … Continue reading

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Deliciously Random

Some Friday randomness to finish off the week. First up, I installed the new 2.3 version of the Floris mod pack, and so far it’s working perfectly. I did a full reinstall of both M&B:W and the full 2.3 download … Continue reading

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Mount and Blade: Warband – Story conclusion

An endless war, shaky moral. As I last left off, I had lost a battle and had my companions captured. Getting them back was priority one, and in one siege I was able to recover all of them, plus add … Continue reading

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Mount and Blade: Warband – Story part 3

The war with Swadia has been an interesting one. Our alpha strike on them was devastating, as we took Curaw and Denin almost immediately (I sieged Denim myself, and was later awarded the city). We also took various castles and … Continue reading

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Zero relation, I’m sure

Blog post with the most comments? This one, about the EQ2 installer being super fast and accurate. Lum today, about SOE having some trouble with DCO related to uninstalling. Just sayin’.

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Mount and Blade:Warband – Story part 2

Content Note: I played… a lot of Warband over the weekend, and rather than quickly cover it in one post, I’m going to break it up into two pieces. Part one is below; part two should be up tomorrow. As … Continue reading

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