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Smartest guy in the room

For a while now I’ve wondered why we don’t have a computer game version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle or Warhammer 40k. I don’t mean the ‘spin-off’ style games; I mean a direct port of the rules and miniatures, all playable … Continue reading

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MMO bloggers obligatory Minecraft post

Because my gaming time is so wide open (sarcasm), I picked up Minecraft to play with my two favorite carebears, Remastered and Allerion. As many know or have read, Minecraft is in many ways the ultimate sandbox world, as you … Continue reading

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After 1000+ posts, little has changed

A thousand posts over close to four years is a lot of writing, it’s a lot of opinions, and it’s the publicly viewable history of one gamer. In four years of anything, things are bound to change. Hell, since starting … Continue reading

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Post 1001

Kinda missed the milestone, as the post below this one was number 1000. On Monday I should have a post up with some stats and such on what has happened around here on the way to 1000+, but if nothing … Continue reading

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New Bloodbowl League!

We are starting a new Blood Bowl league. 8 teams, all of different races. Expectation is to play at least one game per week, but coaches should be flexible with times so that everyone always gets their game in. League … Continue reading

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Player vs Business success

(Numbers and games used in this post are just examples. Don’t comment that they are ‘wrong’. Thanks) As a customer, what does WAR having 100k subs and Darkfall having 20k subs mean to you? What does it mean to the … Continue reading

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Clearly the work of the devil

It’s Darkfall’s 666th day live today, there is a full moon tonight, and the Darkfall twitter feed has 666 followers. -hat-tip Tasos for the info.

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