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PvE Sandbox MMO: The beginning

A few days ago I posted about a PvE Sandbox MMO, and while the post got my overall point across, I think it might be fun to fully expand upon the idea over a series of posts. One of the … Continue reading

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Shades of blue

Back then I was on the ‘red’ side, now I’m firmly on the ‘blue’ side. Guess the player along with the game evolves. Wise words from a wise man, minus the grammar fail on the original. The first part of … Continue reading

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Rift: Expert Dungeons, round one

Inquisition has started running Expert dungeons in Rift, and so far the experience has been pretty damn enjoyable. The advancement pace is certainly much faster than 2004 WoW raiding, where I believe we spent about a week semi-pug-raid wiping on … Continue reading

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Patching like its 1999

I appreciate the rapid pace of patching. It’s impressive, even by “first month of a new MMO” standards. And as we saw with 1.1, the updates are not all just bug fixes but actual content additions. Major bonus points for … Continue reading

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