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The real reason for the tank shortage

Let me start off by saying I enjoy playing the tank more than any other role in a themepark. I enjoy the challenge, I find the gameplay more entertaining, and well, I’m not a droolcup so playing DPS would be … Continue reading

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Expansion vs Replacement content

Prompted by the reminder that I massively ragequit Darkfall (account status: active), and reading this post on the Aventurine blog, reminded me of yet another reason why sandbox > themepark: over time a sandbox should get more/better content, while over … Continue reading

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Rift: All aboard the fail train

Back to back ‘make it to the last boss, fail at 1am’ tier two runs, yay… Yes, I’m mad. Bro. On the bright side I did pick up one of the better shields in the game for 60p last night, … Continue reading

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Gear sucks

Permanent gear is a massive design flaw in an MMO. Keep that in mind while reading. Inquisition on Sunrest has been running tier one experts for a bit now, and our general core is geared-up enough to start hitting up … Continue reading

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PvE Sandbox MMO: The End

I believe I’ve covered the main areas I wanted to hit on in my PvE Sandbox series. There are a ton of other, smaller systems to consider and discuss, but to keep things somewhat high-level I’ll leave it as is. … Continue reading

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Rift: Grim Harvest world event was AWESOME!

This is why I love world events. It’s not for the loot, it’s not for the lore, and it’s not for the gameplay. No no. It’s for the forum rage. And Rift delivered beyond anything short of League of Legends … Continue reading

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Rift: Soul system working as intended

Quick Rift observation for today, and next week I’ll wrap up the PvE Sandbox MMO series (which, btw, I think has gone really well, so thanks everyone for the feedback so far). Last night we ran expert Iron Tombs again, … Continue reading

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