Is Darkfall vaporware, again?

With most MMOs you have to deal with a lot of hype pre-release. Ideas looking amazing on paper, fans letting their imagination run wild on what could be, all of that.

Is Darkfall the only MMO to ever repeat this cycle? I mean look, stuff like this sounds amazing right? Momentum mattering in combat (Mount and Blade?), how itemization will work this time around, the character power/options stuff, all the graphical updates, better new player experience, etc. It all sounds great. On paper.

And on the one hand, Aventurine did deliver something pretty amazing with Darkfall. It still has the best MMO combat ever (fact not opinion), and name me a better PvP MMO that stayed true to it’s design for 2+ years not named EVE?

On the other hand, updates to DF of late have been… um… sparse to be kind. And DF1 had a lot of ideas on paper pre-release that never really made it either. So it’s not like we can say that AV always delivers.

Aventurine, breaking new ground, even in areas you never suspected (or wanted).

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17 Responses to Is Darkfall vaporware, again?

  1. Derrick says:

    I’m actually pretty interested in the Darkfall 2 thing. It’s the only upcoming (hopefully) MMO I have any interest in try out, if only because I believe Aventurine is unique amoungst MMO dev’s in being willing to actually make a fun combat system AND a good economy.

  2. I thought you only make sequels to games/movies that were a success o.0

    • SynCaine says:

      One of the smart things about AV is even prior to go-live, they knew DF was a niche game, and planned accordingly. They got their niche (and then some, especially the first 6 months or so). The result was new offices, new hires, and stuff like the mo-cap and sound studio.

  3. Shadow says:

    Beat is an inherently qualitative assessment. Not that I disagree with the analysis. The combat was a lot of fun the little I played the game.


    Success = profit, pretty sure Aventurine met that criteria w/ Darkfall.

  4. Shadow says:


    *grumble* phone *mutter*

  5. Mitchell says:

    there was a post not long ago said they paid back all the loans and had plenty left over. Also they did a $5000 contest.

  6. Derrick says:

    Your cup of tea or not, Darkfall was clearly a success. An MMO doesn’t need to make billions to be successful, just enough to make a good return on the investment – and Darkfall clearly did that. More importantly (as an MMO player, though DF isn’t my thing) they stayed true to their original design. DF is in very select company there. DF players got the game they were promised, and while it did evolve, the core remained the same.

    • Manjk says:

      [DF players got the game they were promised]
      this is the most ridiculous thing i heard about darkfall

      no they did not

      • Derrick says:

        Care to elaborate? Of course, features where discussed that didn’t make it to release, but that’s par for the course really. Come crunch time, things always need to be cut.

        But, when all is said and done, Darkfall ended up being the sandbox pvp game it was promised to be, without “selling out” to the accessibility crowd as most MMO’s do.

        • Sandbox? Really? On paper sure. Ingame….not at all. Its a glorified FPS. Little, if any sandbox features exist, those that do are but a shadow of those employed in older sandbox titles.

  7. Straw Fellow says:

    Though I have yet to try the game (It’s in my pile of things to get to) I’m incredibly interested in this re-release they are promoting. The hype will certainly bring up sales, for sure. The fact that they are keeping their current playerbase for no charge is great too. I’m curious if they plan on doing this again? It could be a viable alternative to extending the level cap multiple times. A full upgrade with better features, especially in a game focused on PvP, might actually turn out to be the better route to go.

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