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GamesIndustry International recently spoke to David Reid, CCP’s chief marketing officer about both EVE and Dust 514. “The thing about Dust is not the shiniest guns or the perfect shooting mechanics; it’s about this meta-game, and the persistence, and the … Continue reading

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Making an MMO is hard

Are you trying to make an MMO but what you have so far is garbage? No problem, just declare your game is not an MMO, and boom, problem solved! At least until someone noticed your ‘multiplayer’ Elder Scrolls game sucks … Continue reading

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Eador: Masters of the Broken World is near-perfect

Eador: Genesis took me by surprise, and I’ve now had a few weeks with its upgraded version, Eador: Masters of the Broken World. Darkfall being released has limited my time of course, but even so Eador is so good it … Continue reading

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Gaming moving in the right direction (mine)

Remember when certain people would argue that World of Tanks is not pay-to-win? That gold ammo can’t aim for you and gold tanks aren’t even that great and blablabla? They look a bit silly now that the company behind the … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Dungeon content in a virtual world

Last Friday the latest patch for DF:UW was released, and it included the first dungeon added to the game. Sunday night OTG and allies put together a group of eight to go check it out. Entering the dungeon works like … Continue reading

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