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Great interview about indie gaming

VentureBeat has an excellent interview with Jeff Vogel, the creator of Avernum and other indie RPG games. Very much worth your time. H/t to Armagon for the link

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Quick thought about the next Fallout game

The next Fallout game from Bethesda will hopefully be a two-to-five hour, linear, on-rails ‘aim for you’ shooter with a bit of story, but most of the story will be comic relief rather than a more series take on a … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream vs Mexico 2.0 2/13/2015

(Stats and writeup by Delpez) Supreme Cream! vs. Mexico 2.0

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As has been said and proven countless times, niche MMOs work

I’ve bagged a lot on Mortal Online in the past, mostly because at launch it was a trainwreck. Amazingly this was sometime just after the release of Darkfall 1. Since that time DF1 closed to make room for DF:UW, and … Continue reading

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CoC: Pre-war stats vs Mexico 2.0

(Stats and writeup by Delpez) Mexico 2.0 Pre-War My first thought was that the matchmaker had lost its marbles. After working the numbers I know this to be true! Just by looking at TH and experience levels, this is the … Continue reading

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Speaking of must-buys

Pillars of Eternity looks ok I guess… :mind blown: If only 1 out of 10 Kickstarters produces a game, but that game is PoE-level, then Kickstarter is worth every single dollar spent/donated.

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Hearthstone is Blizzard’s first non-hit, that’s important

Let’s keep talking about Hearthstone, if only because talking about it is way, way more fun than playing the game, and because HS is IMO a perfect example of New Blizzard in a nutshell and perhaps a good indicator of … Continue reading

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The little tent-pole that could, and the little blogger that couldn’t

Because some people are getting a little too excited over next-to-nothing, lets actually look at everything said recently from everyone’s favorite video-game producer. “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was the #1 release of the year and the franchise’s cumulative revenue … Continue reading

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The not-so-short “what I’m playing” update

First, thanks to most who commented in last weeks little checkup on the MMO genre, good times. I’d say lets hope when we revisit in 2016 we finally have a F2P champion to make things a little more interesting, but … Continue reading

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Before I give you money Massively…

First, Syp needs to check his damn spam filter and get my account out of it over at Biobreak! As for the site, three simple request: 1: The majority of the main content should never require me to click once … Continue reading

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