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CoC: Fire Guardians Pre-War

(Stats and writeup by Delpez) This is the first time we’re having a repeat war, but the previous time did not go that well (they were a lot stronger than us and we lost 102-119). I’ll show some of the … Continue reading

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State of the MMO genre, 2015 edition

First things first, it’s now 2015, and just like in 2014, 2013, and really since the beginning of time, we still haven’t seen an as-successful F2P MMO as we have sub MMOs (WoW/FFXIV/EVE). Until we do, this isn’t a debate. … Continue reading

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What a freaking day! First the Pats win and become the greatest ever, and now every single defender of SOE and Smed look like complete and utter fools for arguing with me about the company, now dumped by Sony. Love … Continue reading

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Dear Massively, die and get better

Massively is closing. I know, this is likely the first time a blog post is being written about it, but that’s just what I do, break news and set trends. You’re welcome. I bashed Massively often. Usually it was their … Continue reading

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Best in the world!

All is right with the world once more, and not even another circus catch could deny inevitability.

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