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To play now or wait for later

As noted before, Cities: Skylines is a great title that I’ve enjoyed a good bit, but having ‘finished’ a fairly major city, I’m now somewhat paralyzed with the game. On the one hand, I want to start a new city … Continue reading

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FFXIV: Playing different roles on one character is brilliant

Quick note to start with: Playing the relaunch of The Elder Scrolls Online just reinforced how much better FFXIV is at being a thempark MMO. I might still try to get back into ESO at some point, but after spending … Continue reading

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Cities: Skylines has solid city-builder bones

Mostly agree with what J3W3L wrote about Cities: Skylines. In short, its a very solid city building sim that is more than worth the $30 to grab right now on Steam. A few additions to what was already written. I … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Texas Knights

(Stats and writeup by Delpez) Great war and very nice write-up by Syncaine. Anytime you win by 1 star it’s very satisfying, especially if you have to come from way behind like we did. But firstly, let’s see how the … Continue reading

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CoC: About as good as it gets

Delpez should have the stats and writeup soon, but I wanted to jump ahead and post this: In a 110-109 war, that we were down by ten stars or more for much of it, not only were our final five … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Online: It’s 2003 EVE!

Raise your hand if you knew Pathfinder Online was already playable? Yea, me neither. But it is, and my friend Rynnik hooked me up with a buddy key to take a look. To use his words, Pathfinder right now is … Continue reading

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Wasteland 2 isn’t doing it for me

I picked up Wasteland 2 on a recent Steam sale, and I honestly can’t get into it, which is surprising and has me taking a step back and wondering what I want in a game these days. I should like … Continue reading

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FFXIV: Sub model isn’t just about higher quality, its also about safety

Full interview can be found here. So, just because ESO moved into a free-to-play subscription model, it doesn’t necessarily mean for us to move into that direction as well. Also, for use we have taken player surveys and took a … Continue reading

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FFXIV: Gold Saucer is golden side content

I was finally able to check out the Gold Saucer in FFXIV, and its a rather great piece of content IMO. The area looks great, and has plenty of nostalgia bits from previous FF games (FFVII sticks out in my … Continue reading

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CoC: Please continue to pay to lose

Guys, guys, I’m going to buy a ton of gems, rush up to TH10, and help us crush people in wars. It’s going to be awesome! – Wallet Warrior Nope. (just an FYI, video is a bit loud for some … Continue reading

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