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Civ Revolution = Civ for dummies.

Reason why Civilization: Revolution does absolutely nothing for me. “…its injection of pace makes for a more exciting – if marginally less cerebral – strategy game.” – X360 Magazine UK As I wrote a while ago, it’s basically a kid’s … Continue reading

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Mass media gets an MMO story right, no joke.

In a clear case sign of the apocalypse, has posted a positive article about an online game, one which was for the most part fairly accurate, informative, and a good read. Very impressive Seth Schiesel! It’s funny timing too, … Continue reading

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EVE mission running report: A good night followed by some bad luck.

More EVE reporting for today, as I had quite an eventful weekend in New Eden. It started off on a high note, as I was joined by two members of Black Lion Legion to assist me with a level 4 … Continue reading

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Level 4 missions in EVE, and my silly Rohk battleship.

As I wrote a few days ago, I hopped in my Rohk battleship and did a few level 3 missions to get myself back into EVE, but those proved far too easy, and I was itching to try a level … Continue reading

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/yawn and DIAF you grumpy fun hating bastards.

Having been away from blogs for oh… 3 days, I missed most of the initial reaction to the Diablo 3 announcement. I also just kind of assumed everyone would be excited for it, as the previous two Diablo games are … Continue reading

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Graphics don’t age like wine.

Plenty of people have already broken down every single frame and image of Diablo3, so I won’t go into it here save for two concerns: 1)      It looks good (but not Crysis amazing) now, but given that it won’t be … Continue reading

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