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EVE market report 2. More questions…

Not much to report in terms of the EVE market experiment, other than that slow traffic might have been an understatement. The new buy/sell orders had a grand total of zero activity for the entire 24 hour period, which is … Continue reading

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Avoiding the WotLK beta.

The fact that people are actually AVOIDING playing the WotLK beta should tell you all you need to know about how much content they think the next expansion will provide. For me personally WotLK does less than nothing. Another few … Continue reading

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Market report, day 1.

Day 1 marketing report: Bought: 10,000 Large Antimatter rounds at 120 ISK per. Sold: Nothing The market was quiet… a little too quiet. Actually the above is only half true, I did sell some random stuff, but it was not … Continue reading

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Time to play the market, EVE-style.

In the ever-changing ‘what do I want to do now’ world of EVE, I have a new goal for my miner, to become the greatest trader ever. Or at least make some half decent ISK while learning about trading in … Continue reading

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Tech II Large Hybrid Rails, coming soon to a Rohk near me.

As my time in EVE continues, I’ve finally determined my next training goal, tech II large hybrid rails. With the price for high meta tech I rails being as crazy as they are, and with the price of tech II … Continue reading

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The man of a thousand links, Syp!

A long overdue mention of is needed today. Syp does an amazing job with his blog, not the least of which is his weekly ‘da-newz’ post, quite possibly the most link-filled post on any blog, ever. If you ever … Continue reading

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The small stuff sometimes makes the biggest difference.

As JoBildo accurately points out, the ‘open group’ feature of Warhammer is one of those ‘no one did this before?’ types of features that just seems so obvious, especially to anyone who has played MMO’s for any length of time. … Continue reading

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