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Mark Jacobs blog, Open Beta, and CPU issues.

Mark Jacobs not only started a blog, but has been a one man typing machine ever since. It’s almost scary really; the guy posts and replies more than Tobold. I doubt our blog overlord will take this lightly, and has … Continue reading

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Is it Sunday yet?

Open beta here yet…? Sorry one track mind right now, and currently the servers are down.

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Warhammer Online Open Beta, Launch, and the hype.

The Warhammer Online open beta is just around the corner, and shortly after Warhammer will finally go live. While the game is by no means ‘finished’ or ‘perfect’, it’s actually in far better shape than what most people saw during … Continue reading

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Taking a no doubt short break from EVE.

I’ve long been a fan of EVE Online, and constantly cite it as an example on how to fix whatever current issue is brought up in MMO gaming, so it’s somewhat surprising that I’ve decided not to renew my two … Continue reading

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