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Escaping the queue monster, we jump ship and reroll!

The lesser pre-orders logged in yesterday, and being the cheap lowlifes that they are, they caused server issues for all the true WAR fans that got a Collector’s Edition. DIAF scum! We should have seen it coming, that the server … Continue reading

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RvR goodness in Warhammer Online

Now that the ‘official’ report is over with (see previous post), lets get into the last two days and go over some highlights. Overall it was a great start for Warhammer Online, and despite the game being the same version … Continue reading

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WAR launch Report *Official*

MMO Jesus has arrived.

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WAR open beta report: Night two with the dwarves

Another fun night of Warhammer open beta for Aria and I, this time without her computer overheating. I only experienced one CTD, again after a death, but this time in a scenario, so it seems to be semi-random. I’ll have … Continue reading

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Warhammer Dwarf starting area, and the heat monster persists.

Aria and I finally got to play some Warhammer open beta last night, and overall had a good time. We created dwarves just for kicks (we will be playing DEs at launch). Ironbreaker for me, Engineer for her, and made … Continue reading

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Mythic employee Tobold talks WAR

Tobold, Mr. I’m kind of a big deal official media source and Mythic shill blogger, has an opinion piece about WAR. He is wrong, of course, but what do we expect from a total sellout. (insert random Darkfall comment, followed … Continue reading

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The real Warhammer Online comparision!

So full of win.

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“Dude, that game is so 2004”, and other WAR comments.

Reading some of the early Open Beta feedback, one thing struck me as a bit curious, and I wanted to write about it here in the hopes that someone can explain it to me. Why is 2008 so different from … Continue reading

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Warhammer Open Beta mini-report.

Preview weekend plus took place the last few days, and today is the first day of Open Beta for Warhammer Online. Unlike the first preview weekend, Mythic did not slip in a last minute gamebreaker like borked NPC pathing, and … Continue reading

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AoC in a Wall of Text nutshell.

If Yahtzee ever actually played a game for longer than 10 minutes, took a breath, stopped being a spoken word forum troll, and had to type, it might look something like this. Pure win.

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