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SOE one-ups Turbine on awesome achievements

While this is indeed impressive, ‘selling’ a free product to so many people so quickly, we all know the REAL measure of success is how many characters have been created, right Turbine? (Yes yes, FR will likely make SOE good … Continue reading

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500th Post Milestone

Grats self on 500 posts. I would like to thank all the mouth breathing, helmet wearing, shortbus riding WoW players for making it all possible. Without your constant cries for the bar to be lowered, your lemming-like acceptance of dailies … Continue reading

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Darkfall 5/15 patch thoughts.

Oh nooz, one step towards Trammel! Patch day for Darkfall, and with it some (on paper) interesting balance tweaks, gameplay changes, and more quests revolving around the zero lore that is Darkfall… The biggest change, without doubt, is the increased … Continue reading

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Fear the MMO reaper

Fear of death is a tough emotion to create in an MMO. If you die while working on a “kill ten mobs” quest, is it so devastating that you completely rethink your approach to the quest? Hell, did you go … Continue reading

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Giving credit when it’s due.

It’s very easy to point out flaws in a game or it’s developer. When a server crashes, it’s impossible not to notice. When you are in a login queue, you know it. If your current class/race is underpowered, it affects … Continue reading

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Games I actually play (DarkFall) update.

Out of all the easy criticism a ForumFaller might make against DarkFall, why are so many people getting so worked up about the game not being on sale 24/7? If you know DarkFall is not the game for you (and … Continue reading

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The straight facts about the Eurogamer slander piece.

Bonedead ninja edit: Please replace the word ‘slander’ with ‘libel’ whenever you see it. Thanks! One would think the basic facts of a story would be simple to comprehend by people, and the discussion would revolve around the implications of … Continue reading

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