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Love and Rage

One thing that I love about League of Legends is how rage-inducing it can get. It’s more or less a nightly occurrence on vent that one or more individuals will reach the breaking point after some horrible loss, and a … Continue reading

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Fantasy… football anyone?

While I know it may be very dangerous to mix gaming (nerds) with sports (jocks), here goes: Anyone interested in playing in a Fantasy Football league? I figured since we have a solid group that follows this blog, perhaps we … Continue reading

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Neverwinter and Shining Force

I can’t say I understand the angst OR buzz for the new Neverwinter game. First, it’s not an MMO. Second, it’s being made by Cryptic. Third, little real detail has been revealed and the game is a ways off. Could … Continue reading

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Umadbro? Naw just trollin’

At what point did “I’m just trolling” replace “I was wrong” in the English language? I mean we have had to deal with a lot of stupid internet fads/memes/whatever before, but is “haha trolled” not the dumbest one yet? Oh … Continue reading

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WAR40k has a really, really bright future.

I totally agree with Lum. Just get it out already and state that WAR40k will: Kill WoW. Will have 20m users. Won’t have a single issue at launch. And then make version 2.0 of the “bears bears bears” video making … Continue reading

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The Trinity: Keeping the masses safe since 1999!

This post by ‘I played WAR before anyone else did’ Richard Bartle (via KTR) brings up some interesting points, with the big take-away for me being that the MMO genre would be a lot cooler right now if Ultima Online … Continue reading

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Putting a value on money

I came across a rather shocking thread on the League of Legends board a few days ago, one where the author was arguing that LoL is not really ‘free’ to play, because in order to play at the highest level … Continue reading

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