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Umadbro? Naw just trollin’

At what point did “I’m just trolling” replace “I was wrong” in the English language? I mean we have had to deal with a lot of stupid internet fads/memes/whatever before, but is “haha trolled” not the dumbest one yet? Oh … Continue reading

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WAR40k has a really, really bright future.

I totally agree with Lum. Just get it out already and state that WAR40k will: Kill WoW. Will have 20m users. Won’t have a single issue at launch. And then make version 2.0 of the “bears bears bears” video making … Continue reading

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The Trinity: Keeping the masses safe since 1999!

This post by ‘I played WAR before anyone else did’ Richard Bartle (via KTR) brings up some interesting points, with the big take-away for me being that the MMO genre would be a lot cooler right now if Ultima Online … Continue reading

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Putting a value on money

I came across a rather shocking thread on the League of Legends board a few days ago, one where the author was arguing that LoL is not really ‘free’ to play, because in order to play at the highest level … Continue reading

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Selling epics in WoW; Coming soon thanks to a private server

TAGN is wondering about the aftermath of the Blizzard vs Private server issue, and while he covers some interesting points, I think he (and as far as I’ve seen, everyone else) is missing a major, major bit of info here: … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Darkfall

In my glorious return to podcasts, I was a guest on MMOSmackTalk with Ryan. He grilled me about my visit to Aventurine, along with some more general discussion about the game and certain features. What was planned as a 15 … Continue reading

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Best ‘Your Mom’ joke I’ve heard in a while

I found this entertaining enough to make an entire post about it (saw it on the LoL boards). “Your Mom is like a free to play game. You can unlock her with effort, but it’s a lot quicker just to … Continue reading

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Sheep, and the numbers they don’t understand.

I always get a chuckle when people misuse the “80% of EVE pilots never leave Empire” stat from CCP as some sort of indicator that even the majority of EVE players don’t like PvP. As anyone who has actually played … Continue reading

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The more things change…

Which list is longer: The differences between LotRO, WAR, and Aion, or the similarities between UO, EQ1, and AC1? It’s a rhetorical question of course, but highlights a point I was getting at yesterday, and relates to a post over … Continue reading

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Is the MMO genre back to being a niche market?

Anyone else seeing the irony of SOE making their next EQ game a WoW clone? My my how quickly things change, and am I the only one thinking SOE is going to find a new and creative way to screw … Continue reading

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