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Darkfall: The expansion, ever closer

Tasos posted an update regarding the recent connection issues, the upcoming expansion, and beyond. From the tone of the update it sounds like things are finally picking back up and the final touches are being put on the long-delayed expansion, … Continue reading

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Well this is awkward

In order to pre-load Civilization V, Direct2Drive sends you to Steam. Ouch. (But the D2D deal is still, IMO, better, since you get the first DLC pack included, which is better than the map you get from Steam)

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A new low for toasters

In this thread about upcoming changes to League of Legends, which includes a graphics upgrade, some people are worried that they will no longer be able to run the game. One person posted that they currently run the game at … Continue reading

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Pre-loading Civilization V now

Mmmm, so close I can almost taste the turn-based goodness. Chuck-o-the-day: There has never been a hurricane Chuck because that would just be redundant.

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Time to tune in?

Professional gaming has yet to really catch on in a major way here in the US, and while I don’t think that is going to change much, hearing that the recent League of Legends live event had 17,000+ viewers watching … Continue reading

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Economic Ignorance

MMO economies are, in my opinion, one of if not THE most overlooked and ignored features in the genre. At the same time a strong economy is perhaps the single greatest driver of ‘content’, and not just for those who … Continue reading

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LoL’ing the weekend away

Another weekend in the books, and another bucket or ten filled with delicious League of Legends rage. My newest source? Trying to time Tryndamere’s ult ‘just right’ and having the screen go gray right as I hit ‘R’. Bonus points … Continue reading

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I have a great pre-order offer for you!

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Subscription MMO hypes pre-orders with exclusive content, early access, special bonuses, rainbow sherbet, etc. Beta is still under NDA and although all of the hype and writing still talks about 100s of features, … Continue reading

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$5,000 Darkfall contest winners

At long last, the $5,000 “I love Darkfall” contest winners have been announced. Not a huge surprise that the concrete dragon statue won, anyone who saw the video when it was first posted knew it would be next to impossible … Continue reading

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The WoW-like growth of League of Legends

League of Legends has experienced some rather phenomenal growth in recent months. Growth that in many ways mimics the early days of World of Warcraft, where an initial niche group of players (DoTA for LoL, pre-WoW MMO player base for … Continue reading

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