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The real Rift review

I did not want to do a formal review of Rift until I hit 50, but seeing as this continues to get more and more out of hand, a character at 42 will have to do. So this review is … Continue reading

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The anti-WAR/AoC/Aion factor

Somewhat following up on my previous post about Rift and the different perceptions of the game between current players and those on the outside glancing in, I think the game’s momentum will continue in the months to come due to … Continue reading

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PAX thoughts: Future of MMOs panel

My favorite panel from PAX was a discussion attended by a number of high-profile MMO devs (Massively has the breakdown). It was a good, open talk on various MMO topics, and while some PR-speak was uttered, overall the devs … Continue reading

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Wishing Coin Lock had gone live a few hours earlier… (Updated)

In a funny (but not ha ha funny) twist, my Rift account was hacked last night, just hours before the Coin Lock went into effect. While the hacker did a good job of selling all my gear and items, they … Continue reading

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I sense a Rift in your guild

It seems the self-sacrifice that EuroGamer made for the good of our community is being forgotten, and it’s getting embarrassing. It’s been just over two years since the infamous “5 minute MMO review”, and yet here we are today, with … Continue reading

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I’m new here, want to hear my awesome idea?

I’m sure you have seen this a few times, a new blogger is all hyped up and ready to change the world, and they enthusiastically posts about things that have not only been covered hundreds of times, but items that … Continue reading

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Massively interviews Scott Hartsman

Very solid interview with Scott Hartsman over at Massively. Nicely done Karen. I’m not going to break it down or comment on every answer, but overall I like that Scott is throwing out more facts than marketing hype (first day … Continue reading

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How awesome is Dragon Age 2!?

So atrocious. Remember how during Dragon Age: Origins, sometimes the combat would get a little silly and you felt a bit embarrassed for the game? DA2 is those silly moments, turned up to 11, and put on repeat 24/7. Mortal … Continue reading

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PAX thoughts: Treasure chest complexity spiraling out of control!

One of the better presentations I attended at PAX was “To Hell and Back Again: How the Game Industry Has Changed Since Diablo”, presented by David Brevik, former President of Blizzard North. The majority of the presentation was a historical … Continue reading

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PAX thoughts: Guild Wars 2

Brain overloaded with stuff to write after PAX, making it difficult to write anything. Good problem and all that. Expect a little more activity here over the next few days. First, I’ll just clarify that the post below is not … Continue reading

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