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DF:UW – If everyone had diamonds

As previously noted, Darkfall: Unholy Wars took a huge step towards becoming a sustainable sandbox with the recent increase in gear loss from PvP. As some have asked, I don’t know if it’s enough, but it’s certainly a start, and … Continue reading

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DF:UW – So you’re saying theres a chance…

Added 10% durability hit (on item Max Durability), on all equipped items when the player gets ganked. /Smug PS: Resubbed.  

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ESO: Prediction forming is at 85%

This article over at Massively by Larry Everett mirrors a lot of my most recent experience with the ESO beta, in that the first area is 100% linear, the second feels like a typical themepark zone, and the third feels … Continue reading

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Turbine finally updates us on the continued success of their F2P conversions

Instead of linking to that old PR release about how great LotRO and DDO are doing thanks to F2P, please use this updated link. F2P ALL THE WAY!

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Current SOE is a time capsule from 1999

Just wanted to get this down so others can keep an eye out on this trend; current day people from SOE talking is like listening to someone talk about MMOs in 1999. First we had Smed pondering if maybe player-driven … Continue reading

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Smed talks sandbox

Smed has a new blog that yells at you with giant text. I wish he had named it “MMOs are still a niche market”, but no dice on that. His first post is about sandbox design. “When we first began … Continue reading

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Stay in school kids

A few of us have been laughing ourselves to tears over the latest ForumFall post-of-the-year entry, and someone insisted I share with the rest of the class. Fair warning, the rage is very strong here. “You have no clue what … Continue reading

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