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PFO: One leap back

And now another chapter in the saga that is: Pathfinder Online. Is there decision to sell housing and such in the cash shop crappy? Yup. Especially because (I think) PFO is going to be a subscription game? Double yup if … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIV: Initial impressions

My wife and I recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV, in part because it’s been a long while since we played an MMO together, and also because her chain-playing LoL ranked games isn’t healthy for anyone. Currently we are level … Continue reading

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What happened to all those WoW-babies?

TAGN, in a post about the closing of Vanguard, brings back a theory that was pretty popular around the 2006(ish) timeframe; mainly that those who played WoW would ‘grow up’ to eventually play a ‘real MMO’. Let’s revisit that theory … Continue reading

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