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Age of Conan, say hello to Auto Assault, your new roommate.

The current buzz in our little corner of the MMO blog world is all about the AoC beta and the game’s approaching release. Most sources are reporting major issues, both gameplay wise and on the tech side, ranging from sub-par … Continue reading

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Don’t put your PvE in my PvP, and vice versa.

SUWT 17 is out, and as always, it’s high quality podcast goodness, go check it out. Near the end of the podcast a post of mine is linked and discussed, with the hosts talking a bit about PvP. I could … Continue reading

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Vanguard, NWN and EQ2. Plus more FPS talk!

Some quick FoH forum reading about Vanguard reveals that a good amount of people are still not all that happy with the game, while Darren over at Common Sense Gamer reports that the latest VG patch has increased his performance … Continue reading

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The Game of Thrones, MMO style.

Tobold today made a post about the possible successor to WoW, listing some upcoming MMOs and commenting on their chance for success. As always, it’s a good read, but I think he ignores one aspect of the MMO market; games … Continue reading

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EQ2 first impression, Vanguard trial request.

So EQ2 finally patched itself up, only 4 hours or so later. I actually managed to watch all of Terminator 2 on DVD and still have some time to spare before I was able to create a character. On to … Continue reading

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