Is PUBG worth a 10/10 score?

Polygon has posted their PUBG review, giving it a 10/10 (which unlike a lot of sites, I think is actually pretty rare). Is PUBG a 10/10? Yes. Does that mean PUBG is perfect? Nope. And I think the review explains it well; sure the game still has issues, plenty of them, but at the end of the day even with the issues, the game is fun to play. So much fun, in fact, that it’s by far the most popular game on Steam, and has been for months.

I also really like the point about how people play PUBG for fun, and that’s it. There is no in-game progression, the ladders don’t matter (both from a players point of view and from a matchmaking standpoint), you aren’t begrudgingly playing to grind towards something to make the game eventually fun; you just play round after round because the game is fun. Pure, awesome fun. That, at it’s very core, is why PUBG is a 10/10, and still improving.

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Waiting for my new PC

Knowing a new PC is coming has somewhat paralyzed me right now (I got this setup but went with the 1TB drive). I still play PUBG when people are around, I’ll play my daily games of ESL, and I’ve been messing around with Stellaris (more on that in another post), but it all feels like a major holding pattern.

What I really want to play is Total War: Warhammer 2, which I’ve owned since release but haven’t really played due to performance issues (can’t play it at 60FPS+ on Ultra right now). I know the new PC will solve this, and I really, really want to get into that game, because everything I’ve seen/read has sounded great.

I’m also, oddly enough, looking forward to messing around more with Skyrim, and really seeing what I can push that game to. My last attempt made it look really, really damn good, but I think I can do even better on the newer hardware, and it’s been some time since I’ve played the core content of that game anyway, so it should feel somewhat new.

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The only thing worse than Yahoo mail is the fact that I still use it

As you can see in the top right corner of this blog, I still use Yahoo mail. I’ve had that account for a long, long time, and for most of its history it’s been fine. When Google mail came out, I didn’t register in time (I’ve got Syncaine1, but that 1 makes me feel like a pleb, and F whoever did steal my name on gmail), so I’ve stuck with Yahoo.

Well now Yahoo mail is a goddamn dumpster fire that is really pushing me towards using that pleb gmail account. First up, there is currently a bug that effects a ton of people where the first email in your inbox doesn’t show up on your screen in a web browser. It’s there, you can scroll up to it using the arrow keys, but you can’t actually see it on the screen. That’s a bit of a problem when 99.9% of the time the most important email in your inbox is the newest one. This has been happening for weeks now, and while Yahoo has acknowledged it, they haven’t fixed it yet.

The second bug, a more recent one, is that now the top email won’t load. When you scroll to it, it will load the title and who sent it, but will give you a spinning icon for the rest. If you click that icon, it will load the email just fine, but that click is pretty annoying. I have no doubt this bug will remain for weeks before it is fixed, if it ever actually does get fixed.

What’s REALLY insane is I pay for Yahoo mail. Granted, it’s $30 a year to remove ads, so that part of it is worth it for me, but the fact that I’m a paying customer for Yahoo and still have to deal with such basic errors that remain unfixed for so long is really, really bad. I’m not even asking to have a feature-set on par with gmail. It would be nice, but it is what it is at this point. All I’m asking for here is for the most basic functions of email, like seeing the email, to work. Get it together Yahoo!

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Potential specs for the new PC

Here is the link to the config page for the new PC I’m planning to order.

The only item I’m still debating is whether to go with the 1TB Samsung  EVO SSD or the 500gb Samsung 960 PRO. I know I can make 500gb work in terms of storage for games, but having 1TB basically means not having to even worry about it. Leaning towards the higher performing but smaller 960 right now.

Also keep in mind I’ll be putting my current 1080 GTX in, and putting the included 1060 in the PC I’m replacing.

Any hardware suggestions post them below. Plan to place the order sometime this week.


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A little chicken dinner in the sand

Desert Chicken

Desert Chicken, still so tasty

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PUBG 1.0 initial impressions

Oh god it’s so good. So so good.

The thing about pre-1.0 PUBG was that it was amazingly fun DESPITE being full of bugs and lacking optimization. The bugs created a lot of charming videos and reactions, sure, but they also sucked when they happened at a key moment, or when they interrupted the limited game time you had. The lack of optimization meant reducing graphics quality, dealing with uneven FPS, and sometimes having your game ruined because a squad mate crashed or didn’t load up properly. Was PUBG worth playing pre-1.0? Absolutely, which is why tens of millions did it. But is PUBG leaps and bounds better in 1.0? Yes, yes it is.

Which in a way is scary, because PUBG was already so good. It hooked people, and then it kept them playing. It will also keep people playing. I don’t see this being a fad that passes. I see this being the next cornerstone of gaming like LoL is. And where PUBG is right now is just the beginning. Yes the new map is amazing, but it’s only one map. The next map, with all the lessons learned for the devs, will be better. And it will be released to a foundation that is more solid than it is today, and certainly more solid than it was a few weeks ago. We will get more weapons, more vehicles, hell even more game modes are going to come and keep things interesting. And that entire time, the core game, the ‘5v5 river map’ of LoL, will be the prime option, the thing that most people enjoy for the long haul.


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Skyrim modding, again

I’m back messing around with Skyrim. Yea, Skyrim, that game that came up prior to the internet being invented, I believe.

When the special edition first came out, I tried it, found that most mods didn’t work with it, and put it down. Some time has now passed and more mods are available, so I’ve given it another shot. Much of this was prompted from playing Elder Scrolls Legends, so hey, at least that’s a win for that game and getting people interested (again) in related Elder Scrolls games (ESO still sucks).

Nexus mod manager makes things easier in terms of grabbing mods, but unfortunately some of the more complex mods still need you to tinker with .init files and such. Setting up Skyrim with mods is a game itself for many, and it takes a long-ass time to get it right if you go all-in.

I’m 70+ mods in, and perhaps the most shocking part is my PC with a 1080 GTX can’t run the game at 60 FPS at all times. Again, a lot of those mods are 4k texture mods, I’m pretty sure the ENB I’m running is a FPS killer as well, and since Skyrim doesn’t support 3440×1440, I had to tinker to get that working as well, but come on…

It does look good though, I’ll give it that. The landscape is gorgeous, caves and dungeons drip with atmosphere, and the towns feel alive and active, all of which just makes me madder that Bethesda still hasn’t given us even a hint of the next game in the series.

I’m getting a new PC for Christmas, and will start planning that as soon as Digital Storm puts up their holiday discounts, so maybe my next PC can finally run Skyrim correctly. Ha, just kidding, I’ll likely stack enough mods to choke that PC too. It’s what the mod game is all about anyway, right?

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