EVE: The first step towards victory?

Last night on Jabber an interesting ping went out, in which it was announced that we (Goons) had just taken Pandemic Legion’s capital system without a fight, as PL and friends were off shooting at a citadel or something. The funny part was that I was in a Harpy fleet just an hour before in and around that system guarding gates and doing other ‘we don’t know what we are doing but the FC says to keep flying so we keep flying and shooting’. I enjoy those fleets because while we still see action, it’s a more relaxed way to shoot the shit with Goons on comms than when we form up for large “serious business” brawls.

We will see if this is the true start of Goons reclaiming parts of null, or yet another example of a skirmish that fizzles when the MBC horde comes rolling back. Lenny from IWI has turned his massive, game-changing ISK faucet off, so the funding that was driving MBC against us has stopped. Will enough of MBC show up to stop us now that they aren’t being paid? Or will we see a failcascade hit like so many prior entities in EVE’s long history?

Either way, Goon spirits are very high, and we flash-formed 200+ people in minutes last night. It’s funny that some still cling to the narrative of Goon’s being ‘dead’, because unless your definition of winning the war was taking all of Goon space for a short period of time (a valid if limited win condition), the war hasn’t been won. Far from it really. And as history has shown and will very likely continue to show, you can’t beat Goons, because Goons simply refuse to be beaten. And whether it takes a long time or not, eventually the Goon grinder beats down the other side, and we ‘win’.

Was last night the first step towards that win? Maybe. Will the win eventually come? History says yes.


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CoC: Season 6 stats

(Work and words by Mikrakov. Also we have a few spots open in our clan, so if you are interested in joining apply and just mention the blog)

Hi Guys, I’ve finally gotten around to getting season 6 int a google spreadsheet, seen here:

Here’s a quick write-up, can’t say much about TH10, or 7 because we don’t have enough people at these levels.  Note these are the 10 wars from Khawanika to KittenThrash (over which we had a 7-3 record)


People averaging >=2 stars per attack at level

Kobeathris 2.4
Josch2k     2.2
SynCaine   2.1

Jenks         2.1

Mikrakov   2.0

Big congrats to Kobe and Josch, it should be noted that I’m fairly sure their great improvements (they were both 1.7 last season) have coincided with them changing to Valks as their primary attacks.  In fact, Jenks is the only one on this list not doing mostly Valks, as he has found lvl4 Dragons is working for him on the correct bases.

Claud has massive closer stars, but this is primarily die to him being our lowest TH9 and bashing up TH8s each war.

Defensively nothing of particular note, Claud and Ellroy have good bleed stats partly due to them being the lowest TH9s, which means that pepole throw themselves at the base until it is cleaned up, as they almost never get a hold.  Malcolm, Kobe and Sparco on average soaked up 2 attacks per war but usually got cleaned up.  Saate almost always holds on to a star, followed by me and Josch.


People averaging >=2 stars per attack at level

Marvin       2.3
ElviaViux    2.2
Jeury         2.1
MattyC       2.1

Marvin has left us and my alt (ElviaViux) missed out on perfect stats by scouting for my main once, Jeury and MAttyC well done.  Overall our TH8 stats could stand to be a bit better.  People need to revisit the “how to dragon” videos on OneHive again until they unlock a gowipe, hog or valk attack.

Defensively obviously almost no holds, but Jeury and Cathy have quite good bleed stats (1.8).

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EVE: Lets check in on the insane asylum

This is some solid reading about World War Bee. So good in fact, that village idiot and master of the tinfoil hat, Gevlon, is back raging about EVE. Guess his self-imposed ban on posting about that terrible, terrible game EVE that made him rage-quit isn’t going so well.

A lot of people, especially A LOT of goons, and even CCP, are entertained by Gevlon in the same way that people are entertained by reality TV; you get an incredibly detailed view into the mind of a loon, all from a safe distance away from the actual madness. It’s not my cup of tea, especially because between the insanity Gevlon also has a real bad habit of editing his posts and comments after the fact to make himself look better (which is pretty impressive considering the madness that he leaves up), but entertainment-via-insanity clearly works for a solid amount of people. It would work even better if his blog wasn’t a dumpster fire in terms of format to better find the ‘entertainment’, but my guess is that’s by design.

For those who missed it, Gevlon’s history in EVE was predictably sad. How sad? Here is a post from 2012 that is, to this day, accurate in everything but recapping his latest failure. (Want more? Search “Gevlon” in my search bar. I just spent almost an hour entertaining myself. Rohk mining fleet! Link Titans!)

That failure, spending 700b ISK over a long period of time to be more than a gnat in his ‘war’ (read: provide in-game entertainment for Goons along with his out-of-game contributions), lead to nothing. MoA, the one group shameless enough to accept Gevlon ISK, was never even a big enough threat to The Imperium to be taken into consideration, let alone worth a coordinated reaction. Sure, they killed Imperium ships, enough so that Gevlon was convinced to keep spending ISK, but in all that time literally nothing changed for The Imperium. Laughs were had, and that’s about it.

The event that got Gevlon to really rage quit, other than CCP joining in on laughing at his madness (credit where credit is due, getting a major dev like Falcon from CCP to acknowledge your tinfoil asshattery is impressive, even if it did take 4 years of rambling), was that someone who actually had enough ISK to matter, Lenny, did what Gevlon had been trying and failing at; hire enough people to hurt The Imperium.

And as you can see from the linked posts, Gevlon isn’t taking this well. This exchange is classic Gevlon (edited down, but the entire thing is worth a read if Gevlon hasn’t deleted it yet):

Gevlon: you have no evidence that you financed a “pack of wolves”. Can you link alliance leaders saying “we joined the MBC because Lenny paid us?”

Lenny: If you want I can pull the transaction history off of Nigerian Banker Prince (my IWI banker alt). You will see that I did indeed pay all of them, every week for 5-6 months (give or take a few alliances as some came on earlier than other and some left earlier than others).

It’s classic Gevlon because he is talking about something way over his head (actions that actually impact null, and the workings of major factors), and after Lenny tried to be nice and explain things (below quote), Gevlon doubled down on his madness and got his ass handed to him:

Lenny: “I can understand where you are coming from but in all honesty, I had only read your blog a few times. I knew who you were and you were financing the fight on Goons for years.

The biggest thing is that when I looked at this problem, I probably came to the same conclusion you did but in a different manner. I would give you credit for seeing things first but sadly, you were not spark that got this rolling.

Also, I will give MOA and you a lot of credit for keeping up with hitting Goons. The biggest problem though is that the damage was not enough for Goons to really care. If you get bit by a mosquito, even a few times every day, it will still be an annoyance. However, when you get hit by a pack of wolves from all directions, each taking a chunk out of you….you probably wont make it.”

Most people would walk away at this point, but Gevlon isn’t most people, and his tinfoil hat is far too thick for that anyway. Here is conspiracy victim Gevlon at his finest. You see dear reader, Lenny is just rewriting history to replace Gevlon with himself. Sure, Lenny had real ISK and Gevlon was a badger-hauler, but whatever. Sure Lenny was respected enough to be able to contact groups in Null that matter like MC while MoA was the best that Gevlon could afford, but whatever. Gevlon knows ‘the truth’, and the truth is that World War Bee is all his fine work, even if he wasn’t in his tackle titan during the key battles.

As I said before, I generally don’t find his inane ramblings entertaining, but the above? That’s grade-A entertainment, even I must admit, so thanks again for your contributions to EVE Gevlon, hopefully you do come back and give us more!

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Project Zomboid – A box with no sand

Note: The below might be more of a reflection of my general burnout on zombie survival than Project Zomboid (PZ) itself, but I don’t think so. Also, yea, I’m not sure why I started playing yet another zombie game, but I did… Anyway, on to the post.

As the title states, to me Project Zomboid feels like a box without sand, in that you are in a large ‘world’ (map), there are buildings and items and zombies and skills to improve, but there isn’t any sand to actually build something you might care about. The world just feels empty, and not in the good ‘zombie apocalypse’ empty, but in a truly lonely and pointlessly way.

I won’t break down the gameplay, but just say it plays mostly like you would expect. You loot houses, gain items, food, and weapons, and try to avoid, kill, or run away from zombies. Skills you have and can improve make you do more damage, sneak better, or make more stuff. You can even build a base, so you have that option along with using one of the many pre-existing houses and fortifying it.

There are a ton of sub-systems as well, which add depth or complexity. Stuff like hearing/sound, vision range and obscuring it (curtains on windows for instance), hunger, thirst, injuries, infections, etc. The bullet list of features here is long.

The major problem however is that PZ feels empty. There are no NPCs, so the world is only populated by your character and zombies. And as the only goal is to survive as long as you can, you know that ultimately you are going to die (either in-game or from boredom as you established a sustainable base and the game turns into Farming Simulator).

Dead State, a somewhat similar game, had other NPCs and their goals you assisted with, along with enemies beyond just zombies. State of Decay also had other NPCs, along with a general path to victory. And it’s bases felt very much alive, while your base in PZ is always just you and your stuff.

PZ is also an example of what happens when devs aren’t given an end-date, and instead release in Early Access or a similar method and just keep adding and adding. Development started in 2011, and 5 years later, PZ still isn’t complete. Even more importantly, the one system that basically everyone wants and expects, NPCs, isn’t coming anytime soon. One of the devs even wrote a pretty rage-filled post about it back in 2015, which to me came off sounding like a massive case of burnout. Which is too bad, because with more focus and some additions, PZ could have been a solid offering in what is a very crowded genre.

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Warcraft movie, so close to history

Because there was a lot of chirping from the “100hrs/hated it” logic crowd on the last post, lets check in with that ‘totally not a bomb’ movie Warcraft.

What’s that? It had a near-historic drop? How can a movie that had such a tiny opening have such a massive drop? Magic kids, magic! “You made a horrible movie” magic, to be exact.

“But China money totally counts just as much as US money, so everything is awesome!” – the dumbs.

Not so much on that front either, as internationally the movie only went up 41m, bringing the total to 377m. 377m is a big number, but isn’t big enough when most experts agree the movie needs 500m+ to break even. With the movie completely dead in the US, and slowing down big time in the one market that people are being forced to watch it in (guessing, but its China, so that has like a 80% chance of being correct and is the most logical answer to ‘why is anyone seeing this movie?’), it’s not going to hit that 500m number.

Maybe if it had more portals that could have saved it?

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“Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online” Review

Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online by Andrew Groen is a must-read for any MMO fan, even those who have never played EVE Online. I say this because the book does a masterful job of not just detailing the major null-sec events of EVE from 2003 to 2007 in a way everyone can understand, but also putting them in the correct context of historical scope. It explains why the actions of certain players and groups shaped the future of the game, which is something that we all wish could be possible in an MMO (whether we wish to be that agent of change or to simple be around when it happens).

What struck me the most after reading the book is how much of EVE’s history is based on just a few key figures, and that the actions and decisions of those key figures influenced what tens of thousands of people would be doing for years to come. In a videogame or not, that’s impressive and says as much about the game as it does about those who have shaped it. Without Molle or Mittens, EVE today would not be even remotely the same game. And it’s not just those two, as the book goes into great details about the actions of other leaders as well, and how their decisions intertwine into the greater picture.

I also appreciate the effort put in to get the true story around so many events, and the honesty presented when accounts could not be verified. One has to remember that the source material is EVE, and as the book explains so well, much of the power in EVE comes from convincing others that your version is the truth, so digging up the ACTUAL truth must have required some serious work.

Finally, for an EVE player, it was interesting to read about the events happening (specifically the Great War) during a time when I and others players under the Inquisition banner. When we were in high-sec and later in Wspace, we knew major events were happening, but they always felt so distant (especially once we were living out of our C3 wormhole). This book helped provide context for me during that time, and its interesting to think that, perhaps on a certain day, we popped our heads from Wspace into null in proximity to a major event, or of a fleet passing us by on the way to something major. That’s one of the many beauties of EVE; we existed in our own little world, and still via indirect contact, we were all part of major historical events. That’s pretty cool.

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TW:W – Expanding on the awesome

Having now played and finished campaigns with the Vampires, Dwarves, and Empire, I can safely re-confirm that Total War: Warhammer is awesome. Let’s expand on the awesome though, shall we?

It’s funny how sometimes you can play a game series and not know you are really missing something until it’s provided, and then you look back on older titles and wonder how the hell you even enjoyed the first version. For TW, its faction differences, as before Warhammer, they all kinda felt the same, with the biggest noticeable difference being starting location. In retrospect, that seems INSANE for a strategy game, yet that’s what it was for multiple games in the very successful and enjoyable series.

In TW:W the factions are absurdly unique, and the differences go far beyond troop options (though unit selection has basically zero overlap). Each faction has unique gameplay elements, like the dwarves book of grudges (quests that are generated based on in-game events (losing a city or fight, for example) that incur penalties if you don’t handle them in short order), or the Empire’s government structure (you can assign leaders to different roles, which provide army and faction bonuses), or the Vampires ability to instantly create new units from old battlefields.

Then there are more general things, like the fact that most factions dislike the Vampires and Greenskins, but the different human and dwarf factions can all get along, making diplomacy more important. Or that the Empire, Dwarves, and Greenskins can confederate (absorb) minor factions of their race, while the Vampires and Chaos cannot. Or the two different types of settlements (dwarf/greenskin, and human/vampire), where factions can only control one or the other, and can only sack or raise the non-matching type. Or that Chaos is more focused on destruction than occupation in general.

Starting positions are also big factors. For example, the dwarves are on the right side of the map, with their main threat (Greenskins) being south. Chaos is to the north and the Vampires are to the west, but both aren’t major threats, at least not initially. The Empire, on the other hand, basically starts in the middle, surrounded by rival and/or friendly human factions, and are the first line of defense against Chaos from the north. They also feel the brunt of the Vampires from the east, and to the far west they have the Bretonnians, who may or may not be friendly depending on how diplomacy goes. And of course the Greenskins can always rampage up from the south into Empire lands, again depending on how their fighting with the dwarves goes.

My Empire game was radically different on all fronts compared to my Dwarf or Vampire game, and that makes me all the more excited for additional races to be added via DLC. Plus DLC that adds side systems to the overall game will likely impact each faction differently as well, so how the Vampire campaign plays today likely won’t be how it plays overall after a year or so of additions. That has always been somewhat true in TW games, but again the major formula changes in TW:W will likely result in far more impactful and entertaining additions.

I’ve yet to try out multiplayer, either single battles or the campaign. The campaign sounds like a massive investment in time, and from what I’ve read, it’s somewhat hit/miss in terms of fun. I would be down for some battles though, as I think the faction/unit variety makes the combat in TW:W more interesting than previous games. Hit me up on Steam (SynCaine) if you want to give that a go.


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