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Mythos patch quick thoughts.

With the recent Mythos patch, I decided to log in and check out the changes. I logged in with my level 14 Bloodletter and started looking around. The first very noticeable things are guild names and icons above most characters. … Continue reading

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Re-tooling raiding content; let the casuals play too.

Damion over at Zen of Design made a great post about why Blizzard continues to make raiding content. It’s a well though out article backed up by some good data about raider numbers and exactly why level 70s need content … Continue reading

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Emails, Weather, and Gnomeregan.

4 hours to delete 117,000 emails. Super cool. Oh, and it was 9 degrees this morning. Gnomeregan tonight, interested to see how it goes since the 2.3 changes. Anything major change?

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Infinite email loop.

This might only interest me, but it’s my blog, so yea… Log into Outlook today at work, and what do I see? 118,117 new emails in my inbox. Yes, over one hundred thousand emails all of them the same ‘failure … Continue reading

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Delivering the goods.

As 2007 draws to a close, we are left to reflect on what happened in the MMO space, and what lies ahead. Back at the start of the year, it looked like 2007 was going to be a great year … Continue reading

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Fun with (some) numbers.

Wilhelm over at TAGN has a nice post pointing out some recent stats released by X-fire. The Top 10 games, based on average hours played daily over the course of the month (without WoW), were: EVE Online Lord of the … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern.

Dear snow, thanks for that four hour drive yesterday. Nothing like leaving work early, at 2pm, and finally getting home at 6pm. That was awesome… On to a happy topic, gaming, I find myself in somewhat of a standstill. Currently … Continue reading

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