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Wheel of Time MMO, WHOOO!!!

While I would love for this to be the next baby jesus of MMO gaming, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this might not deliver exactly what I want in an MMO… Super optimism aside, … Continue reading

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Keep capture, gold bag, and a new goal.

My renown rank (rr) is horribly behind my character rank (r) in Warhammer Online, sitting currently at 17rr, 26r. This is mostly due to how I’ve been playing so far, staying out of the scenario grind and completing tons of … Continue reading

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Old game review; Warcraft 3 and Defense of the Ancients.

Zubon from Kill Ten Rats asks bloggers to review older games, in part for nostalgia, and also to see if we can learn any design lessons from them. I’m going to cheat and review Defense of the Ancients, which is … Continue reading

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Hola Amigos!

For the last few days, I’ve been the source of a few spanish forum links. I guess MMO ranting is a universal language! Good thing bable fish is doing a decent job at translating what you guys are saying (or … Continue reading

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Mount Gunbad, watch out for the zerg!

Ah, another weekend of Warhammer goodness. My DoK is now well into Rank 25, with his renown rank lagging behind at 16 mostly due to being too busy with everything else to queue up for scenarios. I consider this a … Continue reading

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Epic siege battle, PQ madness, and all the goodness that is WAR.

Logged in last night at around 6pm with Aria, hoping to get some Dark Elf chapter 11 quests done, and perhaps have some better luck with PQs. The night before we had two full groups, but ran into a bugged … Continue reading

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How important are levels in our MMOs?

I want to talk today about the idea of levels in MMOs, and whether their time has come and gone. Many people argue Warhammer Online would be a far superior game without levels, and we have seen similar arguments made … Continue reading

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Server transfer, tons of RvR, and the eventual war.

To anyone who is playing Warhammer Online on a low population server, Mythic owes you an apology. You are not playing the same game everyone else is, but rather an empty husk of something really great. Any server with below … Continue reading

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