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If WoW tourists ran DarkFall

I came across something rather terrifying. I saw what the world would be like if WoW tourists had full control of DarkFall. Allow me to explain. Thanks to a comment on Keen’s site, I found Ixobelle’s blog with three posts … Continue reading

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Forbes says WoW is hardcore

I know poking fun at mass media is easy, but this article is just full of win. It’s a good thing someone is finally going to expand the MMO market beyond the complex world Warcraft has with all those troll … Continue reading

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Still no DarkFall for you

Looks like DarkFall won’t go back on sale until the current server has had it’s queue issue resolved. That will happen ‘soon’,  like Blizzard content patch or SOE patcher ‘soon’. Good thing people avoided that ‘scam’ of pre-orders being limited … Continue reading

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Dear DarkFall, WoW called, they want their launch plan back.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Hyped game launches, servers get swarmed, queues go up, people bitch about queues and in-game lag, massive server outages which include the company compensating all accounts with additional game time, forum idiots asking how … Continue reading

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The best PK death ever, thanks DarkFall.

I’m not really going to talk about the tech issues DarkFall is having, as it’s rather simple. Too many people online, the game never kicks people, lag is bad, queue queue, and all that. It’s an MMO, and in exchange … Continue reading

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Getting my PvE on in DarkFall

Last night, after a nice 2 hour queue to log in (damn carebear tourists got through!), I had an experience I was not exactly expecting from DarkFall; I had fun doing a PvE dungeon run. Don’t get too excited yet … Continue reading

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Rats jumping off the Blizzard ship?

Spotted this while checking financials. Acti-bliz is set to announce earnings later this month. When a director and the CEO start dumping their own companies stock before earnings are set to go public… well it’s not because they know earnings … Continue reading

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WAR State of the Game: more solid progress being made

Mark Jacob’s “State of the Game” is up at the herald. It’s a good read, and I think contains a lot of new information for players who don’t follow every forum post made about WAR. It’s very clear that while … Continue reading

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More quick thoughts on DarkFall

My DarkFall time was a bit short yesterday, as Destro CoW had our first Lost Vale run planned, along with the release of the Choppa/Slayer class for those who completed the Bitter Rivals event. Lost Vale was very entertaining, and … Continue reading

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30 minutes of DarkFall

I logged in and got insta-ganked by a max level character camping the spawn point. I quit. This game is the suxzorz! As noted yesterday, I finally got my DarkFall account and was able to play for a quick 30 … Continue reading

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