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The WoW hate: Why 2009 is not 2005.

Taken from a comment on TAGN, #16: @Syn: So was WoW the debbil when you were spending all waking hours of your life raiding MC (ca. 2005-06) or are these merely the rantings of the repentant sinner who has since … Continue reading

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Community Service: Go help the old folks

In his three year review post, TAGN shows that while he sends many a carebear to this blog, my little following of basement dwelling sociopaths on the crusade of the miserable don’t return the favor as often. This needs to … Continue reading

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Level one, and god-mode already?

Why do we assume the first mob we fight in an MMO should be an easy kill? I’m serious, how many MMOs can you name where the first mob you face has a legitimate chance to kill you? I mentioned … Continue reading

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The other side of open-world accessibility.

I wrote yesterday of the benefits of DarkFall’s smaller power curve and how it allows a new player to jump right into playing with his friends/guild, and today I want to talk about the other side of that equation, the … Continue reading

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Day one accessibility from an unlikely source.

It’s something that has been said before, but it bears repeating: an MMO without levels is just infinitely more accessible than one with, yet the majority of the AAA MMOs out today feature level-gating, and rather than deal with the … Continue reading

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What clearing your HD tells you about the state of gaming

My main gaming PC was in need of a purge (and it looks like I’m not the only one with that idea), and so on Friday I did a hard drive wipe and a fresh install of Vista (which is … Continue reading

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Your family vacation, McDonalds, and the MMO genre

Keen has a well written post about his return to WoW and what the game is all about now. Read it made me realize the difference between some people in the real world, one that also seems to apply to … Continue reading

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