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EVE: Losing the battle, ‘winning’ the war

My ‘war’ preview linked to my kill mail, and left people guessing at what happened. Pretty interesting to see people try to piece things together. Here is what actually happened. The war-dec was pulled back shortly after it was declared, … Continue reading

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EVE: Best 37 minutes of your weekend, possibly your year

Rooks and Kings: Clarion Call 3 It’s 37 minutes. Watch it. 100% totally worth it whether you play EVE or not. PS: That’s basically how PvP looks for me. Basically… PPS: I have no clue wtf was going on in … Continue reading

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EVE: War story preview


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EVE: Time for war

As I mentioned earlier today, DiS has been randomly war dec’ed by a 12 pilot Corp that is pretty active. They have a whole bunch of kills in and around Jita, among other places. Later tonight the war officially starts, … Continue reading

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Skyrim is educational!

Loque Nahak One step forward: I’m 11 hours into Skyrim, right now (level 9) and boy… coming from WoW it seems I’ve been playing a videogame for small children, really. One step back: Skyrim dinamically adds side-quests on the go, … Continue reading

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Skyrim: Godmode, leveling, and landscapes

Nils has a lot of posts up about Skyrim, and some good discussions are going around those posts. One theme I’m seeing is the debate about what is OP, and how easy it is to min/max the game. I find … Continue reading

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1997 all over again?

Whether it’s at MMOCrunch, over at Keen’s site, or even here, a lot of people are expressing interest and excitement over the possibility of a more “open world” MMO. This confused me initially, considering WoW and other linear-world games are … Continue reading

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