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All cyber-bullies should die

Is it just me or is Massively home to the softest people on the Internet? Case in point: Goon being a goon, Massively white knights come out in full force. I think my favorite is the “There we have another … Continue reading

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EVE: INQ-E Incursion night

Last night INQ-E ran our first Incursion night, and it went very well. We had ten pilots, including two logi, and knocked out eight or nine Vanguard sites (all MCOs) in around two hours. Only once, ironically on our very … Continue reading

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EVE: Fanfest, Dust bombing

Watched some of the EVE Fanfest stream. CCP showed off Dust orbital bombardment from within EVE, which was a bit unexpected. I’m still trying to figure out how the pacing is all going to work out. I mean by the … Continue reading

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GW2: PLEX hypothetical

As I was browsing fittings yesterday, I looked up what the new officer Invulnerability shield mods were going for in contracts. 16 billion and 17 billion, according to the only two listed. Now maybe neither will sell, and both listings … Continue reading

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GW2: Microtransactions, fantasy PLEX

Full post here. Key line: it’s never OK for players who spend money to have an unfair advantage over players who spend time. This is good, and hopefully ArenaNet sticks to this. Unlike most devs, I currently have no reason … Continue reading

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Blizzard already quit SW:TOR, still thinks WoW sucks

“Of course people are trying Star Wars — our development team are trying Star Wars! I’m one of the few people who’s still playing it actually, but yeah we’ve seen a dip in subs. It certainly has to at least … Continue reading

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Ravenmark, Heroes 6, Skyrim updates

I picked up Ravenmark on my iPhone. Great production value for a TBS title (iPhone or otherwise), and the combat system has some interesting twists. It’s also fairly challenging so far (a few battles after the prologue), and the storyline … Continue reading

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