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Help a noob out

TAGN has a fine overview of the latest expansion for LoTRO, and specifically the money Turbine is asking for it. $70 seems outrageous for an expansion, especially when you consider that certain MMOs give them out for ‘free’, but that’s … Continue reading

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This post is about one MMO

Why is still calling its MOBA titles MMOs? Especially now that MOBA titles are a bigger genre than MMOs. Someone pass them the memo already. SW:TOR getting a limited free trial is somewhat of a non-factor (although does this … Continue reading

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Out of the kiddy pool

This weekend I made the decision to have INQ-E join a wormhole alliance and move into their C5. It was not an easy decision, but one that I ultimately think will benefit us in many ways. First some back story, … Continue reading

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Back back back back back… GONE

Let’s keep one thing in mind as we read this: a startup game studio failed to release a WoW-clone themepark MMO after spending 6+ years and north of $100m on it. Said startup also bought another studio that had a … Continue reading

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Son of a…

Didn’t want those weekends anyway…

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