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Speaking of regression

This is a rather ridiculous story. Paying full price for a single player game is no longer enough to fully play said game until the company lets you. Yikes. What’s even worst however is that not only has Blizzard already … Continue reading

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BG1: Gaming’s regression on display

As mentioned, I recently finished Baldur’s Gate 1, and here is a post about that game as it relates to current-day gaming and more specifically MMOs. For starters, it’s amazing how well BG1 has held up. Obviously graphically it’s not going … Continue reading

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Dues Ex: HR 75% off, worth it?

Not that I’ll have time to play it now, but is DE:HR worth picking up for $7.50 today to play at a later date? Note that I enjoyed Fallout 3 (have Vegas but have yet to play it), so I’m leaning towards … Continue reading

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Bucket of rage

Random ranting incoming: One ‘awesome’ feature does not an MMO make. “TESO is a copy/paste puddle of fail, but feature X looks interesting”. A cute gimmick feature can make an iPhone game worth the buck and download. It won’t get people … Continue reading

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EVE: Cleaning out our C3

Not wanting to keep paying for fuel, I took down the last pieces of our C3 last weekend in an epic 5 hours marathon (and learned that the sun does come up before 5am EST here…). Some notes: I decided … Continue reading

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The early bashing of TESO, and what it might mean

I find the defensive nature of the Elder Scroll MMO devs interesting. The game is not close to release, no one has seen it in action, let alone played it, yet already ‘fans’ are objecting and raising complaints, and the … Continue reading

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Damn competitive market!

To the MMO minor leagues! “The MMO market is very dynamic and we need to be dynamic as well,” he says. “Unless people are happy with what they have, they are constantly demanding updates, new modes and situations. So we … Continue reading

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Sounds logical

I really wish Gevlon would start trying out some of his brilliant solutions. Enjoy.

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EVE: Sleeper Jam

In training all week (SAP BO y u so gui?), so blog content might be slim. Sorry? As we continue to assimilate into our C5 alliance, I’m noticing the approach to ISK generation and how best to use WH content … Continue reading

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EVE: Killer clowns

With my EVE in-game time somewhat limited due to RL issues, last night was my first real experience with our new alliance, Surely Your Joking (ticker: HAHA). A workable chain of wormhole connections was available, and a good number of … Continue reading

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