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Painting the house

There are some people who play the content they enjoy without thought of the rewards; they are mostly not MMO players. – Zubon GW2 critical flaw stated well. I think it’s also important to remind everyone that MMOs are typically … Continue reading

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Towns Review

I picked up Towns over the weekend off Steam (the wait for Darkfall continues), and got to play it a fair bit. Consider this a Super Eurogamer review (mmm, Darkfall…) First things first, Towns is not a finished game. It’s … Continue reading

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Superman64 continues to fly under the radar

“Star Wars: The Old Republic excels in it’s PvP combat system above all else” – Said by no one, ever. Just kidding, said it. Awesome troll job is awesome right? (everyone is going to link to this, so yes, … Continue reading

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Darkfall:UW – Worst case

I did a Darkfall best-case here. Today it’s worst-case time. Of course the first thing that could go wrong is the game not launching on Nov 20th. Assuming the game does launch on the 20th, the next issue would be … Continue reading

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Nov 20th is looking doable

Latest Darkfall video. Good stuff.

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WAR’s RvR or GW2’s WvW?

Better PvP experience: WAR’s RvR near release, or GW2’s WvW? Instinctively I wanted to say GW2, because lulz WAR, but I spent a hell of a lot more time in WAR’s RvR than I did in GW2’s WvW. The same … Continue reading

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Bernie Madoff was a great investor. Used the wrong payment model.

“I think there will definitely be failures within the next 12 to 24 months. Many who are entering the market right now are doing it as almost a money-grab. But subscription is dead. [Star Wars:] The Old Republic was the … Continue reading

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The Elder Scrolls MMO is… um… not as bad as SW:TOR?

9 minute Elder Scrolls Online video. So first things first, it overall did not come off as horrible as the first info release sounded, and (almost) nothing in the interviews gave off the SW:TOR “We have no clue how to … Continue reading

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GW2 reaches Lineage 1 level of success for a quarter. Grats Anet!

NCSoft reported their quarterly earnings. The biggest surprise? Lineage 1 and Guild Wars 2 are pretty close in overall sales. Of course that’s not totally fair, seeing as how GW2 just came out, uses the B2P model, and had a … Continue reading

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Darkfall:UW – Best Case

With Darkfall set to release in two weeks, I want to write down my expectations for the game. Today will be a best-case post, while tomorrow I’ll do worst-case. If nothing else, it will be interesting to revisit these post-release … Continue reading

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