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Command Center

Forumfall has a thread about everyone’s gaming area. Figured some of you might be interested in mine here as well. Click to enlarge.  

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GW2: Spinning in place

Zubon’s description of GW2 updates since release are nightmare fuel for me in terms of an MMO. It’s basically all of the bad aspects of launch (bugs, everyone in one spot) without the good (playing a foundation towards something more). … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Just call me Captain Ghostship

Once we had wrapped up our sieges Sunday night, we noticed that the nearby Sea Fortress was going live in under an hour, and it was decided that we would bring out a Frigate and try to capture it. A … Continue reading

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DF:UW video – Enemy perspective from the AT siege

Enjoyable watch, quality goes from average to good. Highlights: I die towards the end. Video starts when they have both boats already in the water. Video ends right as we start turning the fight and take out the siege stones … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Sweet peaks

I write often about the highs and lows a great MMO can take you on vs the sustained averageness of far too many MMOs today. I think in many ways that is the core difference between an MMO and all … Continue reading

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Total War: Rome 2 – The difficulty and the details

I picked up Total War: Rome 2 during, as always, a Steam sale a while back. My only previous experience with the series was Shogun 2, which I played and enjoyed but was never fully blown away with. That said … Continue reading

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The three flavors of F2P

Another post about the F2P business model, yay! (I blame TAGN for this one) One development that has happened somewhat recently is the split definitions of what ‘F2P’ really is. It’s a different take on the “what is an MMO” … Continue reading

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ESO Beta: The picture is starting to clear up

Developing opinions about ESO continue to… develop! Overall I’m coming out of this weekend more positive about the game than I was going into it, and going in I had already pre-purchased the Rich White Man edition. The good; my … Continue reading

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