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Daybreak outdoing SOE already!

Deleted characters will not be restored,” Daybreak warns, so “feel free to re-roll a new character.” And to think all this time I was worried I’d no longer get “SOE being SOE” gems. Silly me. Smed going to Smed, just … Continue reading

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CoC: Required reading for our TH9+ players

Fantastic writeup on TH9 base design. Everyone in Supreme Cream at TH9 or who is about to move up should read the linked info above and start working on improving your TH9 layout, and then continue to improve your layout … Continue reading

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Crowfall: The winners don’t need help

Building a bit off this post from Az (link coming later, site blocked due to work network) about winner and loser motivation in Crowfall today, but a quick note first: I think Az is missing or discounting the fact that … Continue reading

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The Turbine info has been right here for years

Link to the first of many Aylwen posts. If the general gist, and even some of the exact details were news to you, you haven’t been reading this blog long have you? Still, it’s nice to have someone ‘officially’ confirm … Continue reading

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Trolls aren’t always people either!

Theme day on the blog! Somewhat random, but this video is a good glimpse into the winter we are having here in Mass. I post this from my office as the bedroom above me is not-so-slowly turning into a waterpark, … Continue reading

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Troll day continues, hotbar salesman is back!

So so good! Embracing the Paradigm Shift: Converting a Premium Team to an (Enthusiastic!) Freemium Team First of all, how great is that title for that talk? Reminds me of “Up in the Air” (awesome movie btw) when they talk … Continue reading

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Storybricks closes with a fantastically trolly mic drop

Per MassivelyOP: [The] majority of the work we have done is about EverQuest Next and is co-owned by Daybreak,” the letter said. “We look forward to the release of EQN.”. If that one bolded line is all the MMO genre … Continue reading

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Crowfall: The winners stand alone

If there is one thing I still regret about Darkfall, it’s AV not making the now-gone MVP forums public after they did away with the program; a lot of good ideas and discussions all gone because I don’t think AV … Continue reading

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