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New mouse, Torchlight, DarkFall

A little collection of random bits incoming. A bought a Razer Imperator mouse recently, due to my old MX518 crapping out, and I must say I’m very impressed. Much like my G15 replacing my old ‘standard’ keyboard, I never thought … Continue reading

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Fans of hype, fans of gaming.

Hype in the gaming industry is a form of entertainment all its own, and history has shown that plenty of people LOVE getting wrapped up in the pre-release fanfare. This is not only something that consumes people in their search … Continue reading

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Graphics don’t age like wine.

Plenty of people have already broken down every single frame and image of Diablo3, so I won’t go into it here save for two concerns: 1)      It looks good (but not Crysis amazing) now, but given that it won’t be … Continue reading

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