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Vaults vaults vaults

I’ve been playing a surprising amount of Fallout Shelter on my PC. Playing a mobile game, especially one built around timers and playing in spurts on the PC is pretty interesting. On the one hand, there is still some waiting, … Continue reading

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Look ahead to the Nvidia 1080 GTX

I’ve decided that I’m going to get an Nvidia 1080 GTX at some point ‘soon’. I don’t know when exactly, because I still haven’t decided which version of the card to get (feel free to offer advice here, I’m not … Continue reading

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EVE: My first major “I was there” moment

Let the record show: I now have not one, but four titan kills on my record. Killboard green for life! The story behind this brawl is a good one too. Ever since Lenny’s money has stopped blowing, the MBC has … Continue reading

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EVE: Goons are dead, but we have a savior!

The EVE-based entertainment continues! First, a reminder that not only are Goons ‘dead’ and we don’t undock because of that horrid hellcamp of Saranen, but we are also very bad at EVE. We are so bad in fact that we … Continue reading

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EVE: We have a capital again

Lenny’s money runs out, PL ‘has to go train for the tourney’ that’s not for a few months, and suddenly Goons are back on the map. Imagine that. Hopefully that super-effective PvP group MoA doesn’t push us to the brink … Continue reading

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EVE: The first step towards victory?

Last night on Jabber an interesting ping went out, in which it was announced that we (Goons) had just taken Pandemic Legion’s capital system without a fight, as PL and friends were off shooting at a citadel or something. The … Continue reading

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EVE: Lets check in on the insane asylum

This is some solid reading about World War Bee. So good in fact, that village idiot and master of the tinfoil hat, Gevlon, is back raging about EVE. Guess his self-imposed ban on posting about that terrible, terrible game EVE … Continue reading

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