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EVE: The first step towards victory?

Last night on Jabber an interesting ping went out, in which it was announced that we (Goons) had just taken Pandemic Legion’s capital system without a fight, as PL and friends were off shooting at a citadel or something. The … Continue reading

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EVE: Lets check in on the insane asylum

This is some solid reading about World War Bee. So good in fact, that village idiot and master of the tinfoil hat, Gevlon, is back raging about EVE. Guess his self-imposed ban on posting about that terrible, terrible game EVE … Continue reading

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“Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online” Review

Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online by Andrew Groen is a must-read for any MMO fan, even those who have never played EVE Online. I say this because the book does a masterful job … Continue reading

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EVE: So effecient

99.9% ISK efficiency is good, right? First Super kills, felt good. Was lucky to jump into that fleet too as I had just finished up some Total War: Warhammer, and when that game is in full screen it blocks Jabber. … Continue reading

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So a good game sells a lot of copies? Get out of here!

100m+ copies of Minecraft have been sold, and today the game sells 53k+ copies A DAY. Who the hell is still buying Minecraft? And I don’t mean that in a “Minecraft sucks!” way, because it’s a great game/tool, but in … Continue reading

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EVE: The hardcore and casual partnership

Too often we talk about hardcore vs casual players in an MMO from a content perspective. Raiding is for the hardcore, the main quest must be casual, form X of PvP is hardcore, form Y is casual, etc. How you … Continue reading

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EVE: New player experience, done Goon-right

According to ‘sources‘, 51% of all new EVE player quit within the first 2 hours. I suspect that two hour timeframe is generous, as my guess would be a lot actually quit sooner. If you go into the game totally … Continue reading

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