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EVE: If the shoe fits

In two hours I was part of the ‘end-game’ in EVE Online. In two hours and about fifteen minutes, I was pretty mad at myself for waiting this long to return to EVE. I also have a dozen blog posts … Continue reading

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EVE: SynCaine is back among the stars

I’ve resubbed my main account in EVE Online. Yup. A few reasons for this. One being that I don’t see another MMO coming anytime soon that will take up my time. Crowfall alpha is happening, and I do fire that … Continue reading

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EVE: Another example of making ISK the smart way

These kinds of stories are what make EVE so unique. A smart individual doing something of note to make some serious ISK without having to play ten accounts 24/7 hauling junk between stations. These are the people who get news … Continue reading

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EVE: The man who funded World War Bee

Very good read over at Polygon about who funded the war against the Imperium, and just what it took. Pretty interesting that basically one guy, who is great at making ISK (and he wasn’t selling skill books or hauling badgers … Continue reading

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Time as a measure of greatness

I often give ‘reviews’ of games here. Sometimes official reviews (whatever that means), and sometimes just some random thoughts about a game I’m currently playing. I’ve now been playing games for multiple decades, and have likely written about hundreds here … Continue reading

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2015 predictions review

Prompted by Wilhelm again, lets look back at my 2015 predictions. DF:UW will shut down. The population is at an all-time low, AV is completely lost with the title, and Forumfall continues to stick daggers into the one game even … Continue reading

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ARK – A micro-MMO

My obsession with ARK continues, and it has now bled into the MMO-thinking part of my brain. To be very clear, ARK isn’t an MMO, but in a lot of ways it certainly plays like one. The big thing is … Continue reading

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