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More reasons we need Warhammer Online.

Is it just me, or is most of the blog-o-sphere just killing time until Warhammer Online goes live, or at least starts open beta? I just can’t help but get the feeling that a lot of people are just searching … Continue reading

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Stupid cool.

Found the link at Kill Ten Rats, but THIS is amazingly cool. The writeup is also quite witty. Job well done!

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Spam milestone!

Yesterday this blog cracked 5,000 spam comments. Truly amazing how much of that crap gets put out each day. The latest trend seems to be Poker sites, along with the usual spam suspects. In other news, the one year anniversary … Continue reading

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New EVE patch lures me back, finally!

A new EVE patch is fast approaching, and it may be the event to trigger my return. Both of my accounts have remained active in terms of training, and both pilots are at or above 15 million skill points, including … Continue reading

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Stop raising the level cap, it’s not working!

For years now MMO gamers expect a level increase when their MMO of choice releases an expansion pack. Bumping up the level cap a few levels is as natural as adding new items or monsters, but is it really needed? … Continue reading

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Time to get all Nostradamus with WoW.

Tobold has a post up today talking about the future of WoW and how sustainable it might be, a topic Brent over at Virgin Worlds also recently mentioned in his latest news podcast. The importance and influence WoW has on … Continue reading

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Focus = Fun?

Lately my MMO gaming time has been down a bit, mostly due to DoTA, but also from the fact that currently I’m only actively playing LoTRO, and that’s with Aria, so we don’t log in a ton of hours each … Continue reading

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Monday Update, keeping it short.

Stupid busy Monday = no blog time. Not much to report over the weekend really, just some more quality time with LoTRO, finished up the Greater Barrows with the help of our Kin. We made two trips with a level … Continue reading

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