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DIKU defined, the old formula for an MMO.

Raph Koster has an amazing write-up of what defines a DIKU mud, and how some of the bigger MMOs (EQ, WoW) are direct descendents. My first limited experience with an MMO was Neverwinter Nights on AOL, and my first true … Continue reading

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A few more Atlantica Online design discussion points.

I want to follow up on my previous post about Atlantica Online and some of the good things it does, as there are indeed a few more systems I think are worth pointing out. I’m currently level 52 in AO, … Continue reading

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The details make the game, why Atlantica Online keeps the grind interesting.

One of the main reasons I keep playing Atlantica Online is that the game is constantly surprising me. I really was not expecting much from AO when I downloaded it, and I think those low expectations have actually allowed me … Continue reading

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WotLK to level 100?

I might be way off base here (not the first time), but am I the only one who thinks Blizzard would be better off focusing on a leveling game rather than an end-game with WoW? Reading forums and blogs, I … Continue reading

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Bashing some 40s: the role of scenarios in WAR.

With the holiday season over, things are getting back to normal with WAR, specifically meaning more CoW members are back online. While overall WAR is a great MMO, it’s very average when played solo for extended periods of time, so … Continue reading

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PvP in Atlantica Online, and it’s RMT taint.

Now that the blogging break is over (ie: back at work), it’s time to catch up on some reading and start posting regularly here. It’s amazing what a few days of inactivity does for your page views. While the past … Continue reading

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2009 Predictions

I thought I did a 2008 predictions post, but I guess not, so welcome to the first annual “throw darts at the board” Official 2009 MMO predictions. WoW: All players will burn through WotLK faster than they did TBC, increasing the … Continue reading

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