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Darkfall blog (no not this one!)

Aventurine has an official Darkfall blog up, and already it has some good content. Like with any blog, the real challenge is to keep the momentum going and survive long term, providing a steady stream of updates. This, a new … Continue reading

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Pearls of Wisdom

From a thread about “Low Elo Hell” in League of Legends: Bad players don’t know they are bad, that’s why they are bad, and they will continue to be bad thus elo hell is created as an excuse. On the … Continue reading

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The cost of saving a buck

I picked up Final Fantasy 2 for the iPhone not long ago and have really been enjoying it. It’s a classic RPG much like FF1 was, but for a few reasons, FF2 has so far been better. One reason is … Continue reading

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Darkfall: First weekend back

I played a decent amount of Darkfall over the weekend, thought not as much as I had originally planned (damn you all-access League of Legends weekend!). I got myself situated with what’s been going on with Blood and our close … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Ice Dragon kill video

Hey look Darkfall ‘raiding’. To the alt-tab 1-2-1-4 machine! Oh and the reason the first attempt failed? They did not complete enough of those ‘new’ ‘daily’ quests the last ‘patch’ added, and the overall gearscore was too low. Hahaha. Edit: … Continue reading

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30 minutes with Hellfreeze

I’ve only managed to log about 30 minutes or so into Darkfall since the expansion, but even in EuroGamer time I’ve seen some good things. With the upcoming weekend, I should have a much better report come Monday. The first … Continue reading

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What 6gigs really brings

A lot of funny things happen when a large number of people are waiting for 6gigs to download, especially when they have been waiting a good number of months to get it. It’s also interesting to watch the feeding frenzy … Continue reading

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