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Darkfall: Siege of Tirghan

As I was playing the recently purchased Disciples III, ($20 sale on Steam. After about an hour it seems like an interesting take on Heroes of Might and Magic) I was also in the Heroes Fate vent (allies of Blood) … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

A few days ago I got an email (went to spam actually) informing me of a 30% discount on Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition for anyone who purchased the original version. 30% seems significant, plus I enjoyed the original Blood Bowl, … Continue reading

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League of Lengeds update: Halloween, 1300 ELO, Yi

If I made a post about every League of Legends patch or updated, things would get a little out of hand. Riot, despite only selling the highest-priced reskins at less than 50% of a pony, pump out content so fast … Continue reading

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Community Publishing Program interview

Today on Aventurine’s Darkfall blog, Laenih posted an interview of your favorite bloggers favorite blogger, talking all about the Community Publishing Program. Learn how you too can upgrade to that Ferrari just by writing about the greatest MMO out.

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Darkfall Re-Launch

Tasos has clearly started trolling ForumFall. With his brief mention of Darkfall 2, new servers, and ‘future plans’, ForumFall has been working itself silly speculating and trying to figure it all out. He somewhat ruins the fun with this explanation, … Continue reading

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PvP Hotspots

If you build it, they will come. With sharp objects. And the intent to murder. That’s how PvP in MMOs works, yet so many attempts to create PvP hotspots fail. Too often the approach is to design something that is … Continue reading

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WAR, SW:TOR, and the ‘death’ of the MMO genre

God, where to start with this debacle? My anger at WAR has actually increased since leaving the game, for a number of reasons. When I left the game I thought it had a good base and was just missing a … Continue reading

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