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Blood Bowl League: Almost time to start!

We currently have 12 teams signed up for our Blood Bowl league, with a solid mix of races and play-styles. The league is setup for 16 teams max, so only four slots remain! Currently the plan is to start the … Continue reading

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From UO to WoW: A look into the who and why

Thursday Ob asked whether someone who enjoyed 1997 Ultima Online could enjoy 2010 WoW, which is a great question on many levels. First, it’s worthwhile to talk about the core differences between the two games in terms of enjoyment (obviously … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl League has been formed. Sign up!

League Name: Inquisition Hardcore Casual Blood Bowl League Password: Inq Create a fresh team and sign up. Don’t forget to bookmark our league forums as well. Post in the name/team thread if you have not done so as well. I’m … Continue reading

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Mythic beats SOE for Cash Shop stupidity

In the race to see which studio is more incompetent at cash shops, Mythic surges past current champion SOE to claim the Clown Crown of Crazy (the highly coveted CCC). Congrats, let the server shutdown party commence! Here is the … Continue reading

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Thou shall play Darkfall!

Jef Reahard is asking Massively readers what MMO he should play next, and, well, the results are rather surprising. While no doubt ForumFall being notified is influencing the numbers, the sheer size of Darkfall’s current lead says something. The comments … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl forums are up!

Blood Bowl League Update: I’ll be looking into league options tonight, as it seems we have a good number of people willing to play. I’ll have more info tomorrow for everyone, but since this is the start we will be … Continue reading

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Hardcore Casual Blood Bowl League sign-ups!

I lied. I said on Friday I would make a post Monday about a Blood Bowl league, and Monday came and went without said post. But hey, ‘soon’ has arrived, so here we go. First off, I just want to … Continue reading

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The game has changed

Not too long ago, a games ‘shelf life’ was measured in months, and once that window was closed, your game was forgotten and near-impossible to acquire. Ebay made finding older classics a little easier, but this was all done peer-to-peer … Continue reading

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Technology from the future

Food for thought: The company making 500m in profit a year can’t figure out how to get a couple hundred people fighting in one area (it’s technically impossible, yo), while a ‘niche’ game just had a little issue with 3100 … Continue reading

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