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Perpetuum Review (EG style)

EVE – spaceships + robots = Perpetuum. Normally people write the above as a joke because something within the game is sorta like something from another game. Not the case here. At all. The above is fact. I’m 100% serious. … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: Final day of week 1!

Blood Bowl League Update: Week one has been extended until Thursday, November 18, 2010, Midnight EST. Two games have not been played as of last night, so get them in! Did I mention Nuffle is a bastard? Oh I did? … Continue reading

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100% pure entertainment rant

Not MMO or even gaming related, but this rant is one of the best I’ve heard in… ever? I mean it’s passionate, it’s angry, and unlike many rants, it’s not just the same few sentences repeated over and over. It’s … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: Nuffle is a cruel bastard.

I had one of the oddest Blood Bowl games last night, where after four turns it looked like I was going to slaughter the other guy, and after 16 turns the score was 3-0. Him. It was my 1860 TV … Continue reading

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EVE does things better than your game does them, again.

Not. Even. Fair. Edit: Awesome, three word post and I go 2/3 with the spelling.

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Character grind

Darkfall has come a long way since launch in almost all areas. The PvE is much better (and in sync!), PvP balance is at a good level (it’s never going to be perfect, but can always improve), server and client … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: League and MM team updates

Blood Bowl League Update: A bit of a slow start over the weekend for the league, with only 3 or 4 games being played. Hopefully everyone else sets up times on the forums and gets their games in before the … Continue reading

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