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Blood Bowl: Nuffle is a cruel bastard.

I had one of the oddest Blood Bowl games last night, where after four turns it looked like I was going to slaughter the other guy, and after 16 turns the score was 3-0. Him. It was my 1860 TV … Continue reading

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EVE does things better than your game does them, again.

Not. Even. Fair. Edit: Awesome, three word post and I go 2/3 with the spelling.

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Character grind

Darkfall has come a long way since launch in almost all areas. The PvE is much better (and in sync!), PvP balance is at a good level (it’s never going to be perfect, but can always improve), server and client … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: League and MM team updates

Blood Bowl League Update: A bit of a slow start over the weekend for the league, with only 3 or 4 games being played. Hopefully everyone else sets up times on the forums and gets their games in before the … Continue reading

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MMOs being niche, the non-issue?

What hasn’t been conquered, still, is making alternate worlds accessible enough to broad audiences. Raph Koster over at his blog. I’d ask if this is really a problem that needs solving. I think this is one of the unfortunate side … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl, Darkfall, League of Legends updates.

Blood Bowl League Update: “The ball is up… and we’re off!” Season 1 has started, and everyone has their first match. Check out our updated website (including starting team photos!), set up a time with your opponent, and enjoy the … Continue reading

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Darkfall, Blood Bowl, and UO vs WoW (sorta)

Blood Bowl League Update: So it turns out if you set your league to 16 teams, you have to have 16 teams before you can start it, who knew? And since we only had 14 teams sign up, well, we … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: League Recreated!

Sorry for the confusion everyone, but please sign up again for the league (had to drop it down to 14 teams). Once everyone is signed up again I’ll start the season! League Name: Inquisition Hardcore Casual Blood Bowl League Password: … Continue reading

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3000+ players playing lag-free? Ha, that’s impossible!

A bit of a follow-up from CCP Veritas on that record-breaking fleet battle in EVE can be found here. I found it an interesting read overall, but it also once again highlights some of the major benefits EVE has going … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: Kickoff one day away!

League Update: The first ever Inquisition / Hardcore Casual Blood Bowl season is only one day away, and we have 14 of our 16 possible slots filled. Get in now or miss out! I think I’ve pointed this out before, … Continue reading

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