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So close, yet so far

Heroes 6 is a good game if you enjoy that style of gaming. Looks good, plays well, etc. Sadly its dev history is a little… spotty (and was actually the trigger for this post, though I never mentioned Heroes 6 … Continue reading

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How many IPs can Paul Barnett bury?

When Paul ‘bears bears bears’ Barnett says the following: “We don’t put silly glass walls up, and we don’t keep poking you for cash; we just leave you alone,” we can safely assume Ultima Forever is going to come into your … Continue reading

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EVE: Accurate mass media coverage of a sandbox, hell freezing over, etc

Dear Eurogamer: This is how you cover a sandbox. You have to actually have someone play it, and then play it with at least the attempt to understand it. Good job by Tyler on the article, and credit to PCGamer for … Continue reading

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EVE: Hollywood Boulevard

While ‘doing stuff’ in WH space, my cov-ops just happened to pop into J105934. Yes, that J105934. One of the major advantages of not only playing on a single shard, but also playing a game where player history truly matters, … Continue reading

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Everyone’s an expert

Dev hatred/worship is fairly common in gaming, and perhaps more-so in the MMO space due to the continual nature of the genre. Many players believe the devs are idiots/geniuses, either always screwing the game up or always having the right … Continue reading

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EVE: Holding pattern update

As things heat up in null-sec (Delve War), things in our WH have cooled a bit. Or more accurately, we are in a bit of a holding pattern as ‘secret plans’ cook. This, combined with DayZ fever spreading and LoL … Continue reading

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Atlantica Online is now super ‘accessible’

Atlantica Online is not the game it was when I played it back in late 2008. It’s still got the combat system, and graphics, and all of that. It still has the same initial quest structure, town system, pops up, … Continue reading

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Atlantica Online is on Steam, still sadly F2P

Atlantica Online is now on Steam, which triggered “hey let’s see if Atlantica is as good as I remember it”, with the bonus that I’m playing it with my wife this time. I feel like Atlantica holds a very special … Continue reading

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EVE Alliance Tournament 10: Balance on display

EVE’s Alliance Tourney 10 (AT10) started last weekend, and I was able to watch a good amount of it. Overall the production value was pretty damn high, and the matches were interesting and explained well. The downtime is somewhat lengthy … Continue reading

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