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CoC: War stats vs Polska Elita 9/24/14

Delpez is back with more war stats! Required reading for clan members. Readers who don’t care about CoC can probably scroll past this post, unless you really dig numbers. Also if someone could let me know an easy way to … Continue reading

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Life is Feudal: Top seller

Interesting item if you look at the top sellers on Steam right now; Life is Feudal: Your Own. For those not up to speed here, LiF:YO (great acronym btw) is basically a demo of LiF. I don’t know all of … Continue reading

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AA: Let me pay you for a premium server already Trion!

Another simple fix for the queue nightmare; open sub-only server(s). Bonus option: Open a sub-only server for $25 a month with all F2P aspects of the game removed. Thanks Trion, and you’re welcome.

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AA: Easy fix for the massive queues

The 3k+ queues for most servers right now means you won’t be playing that day, which is basically WoW-launch terrible in terms of being unable to play an MMO, at all, that you are paying for. You want the easy … Continue reading

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AA: How successful has the launch been?

I’m not quite at 180 with ArcheAge, but I’m close. It’s growing on me, rapidly, and I’m still just trying to plow through the early questing. I’ll post more once I get a little more time with it and really … Continue reading

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CoC: More war stats than you thought possible, and didn’t know you needed until now!

Editor note: The following was put together by fellow CoC member Delpez. Excellent work all around, useful for our clan members, but I think also interesting for non-CoC players in terms of showing the depth of the game and the … Continue reading

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Can we close the book on ‘accessibility’ now?

File this as example 164,239 of “difficulty is good for everyone, faceroll is bad”: EVE Burner missions killing people make them enjoyable. This is pretty good timing too, given that Blizzard just confirmed example 164,238 (WotLK, the ‘accessible’ age, was … Continue reading

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AA: Updated 30 min snap judgement

Sitting in a queue for at least 30min. Although the total was only 860, with an initial estimate of under an hour, which is not bad at all for the first day of F2P. That said it might be worth … Continue reading

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Dear KTR, unblock me

I miss leaving extremely witty one-liners, get me out of your spam bin.

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CoC: Bitterly entertaining defeat

I’m the type of person who, once I get into something, I devour it. That’s kinda where the title of this blog comes from, because even as I casually (by my standards) play MMOs, I still do so with a … Continue reading

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