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EVE: Lets check in on the insane asylum

This is some solid reading about World War Bee. So good in fact, that village idiot and master of the tinfoil hat, Gevlon, is back raging about EVE. Guess his self-imposed ban on posting about that terrible, terrible game EVE … Continue reading

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Dear Tobold: Fuck you and the bridge you live under

Just a quick recap for everyone. I wise man once said: “Also if F4 isn’t game of the year on PC for 2015, there is some serious corrupt voting.” – Really smart, attractive individual. To which an ugly troll replied: … Continue reading

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Sadface blogs

The annual “start fight, get humiliated, ragequit but not really” post is out from Tobold, at a new record of just 17 days into 2016 this year. His thin skin is getting thinner with old age I guess. It’s pretty … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award

RAVIOUS!!! Nominating TAGN and Keen. 11 Random Facts 1. I was born in Poland. 2. First MMO was Neverwinter Nights on AOL. 3. I’ve never played EQ1, yet that MMO is the one I hate most. 4. Our house was … Continue reading

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Missing Jester already

Out of all the interesting stuff Jester wrote about, I think my favorite were his takes on happenings at CCP and what they likely meant for the game. Now granted, I haven’t looked into how accurate those predictions ended up … Continue reading

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Shameless Steam Card begging round 2

If we are not friends on Steam we should be: Syncaine If you have Steam cards you don’t want, I’ll happily take them. Think of it as a small token for entertaining and educating the unwashed masses all these years. … Continue reading

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The day the pilot died

Sad to hear Jester is retiring from blogging. His blog quickly shot up to my daily ‘must read’ list, and his content quality and quantity was second-to-none. He was also my easy-access window into the deeper side of EVE design … Continue reading

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