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The day the pilot died

Sad to hear Jester is retiring from blogging. His blog quickly shot up to my daily ‘must read’ list, and his content quality and quantity was second-to-none. He was also my easy-access window into the deeper side of EVE design … Continue reading

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NBI: Quantity > Quality

Blogger Initiative Post As a general rule, quantity>quality in the MMO blogging game. I’d rather read an active (once-a-day) blog of short thoughts than someone who writes once every two weeks and publishes a fully edited, completely thought-out essay. Granted … Continue reading

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The price of fame

Via Zubon on KTR, we have this Penny Arcade report about a dev quitting his job over negative feedback/threats over Twitter. Zubon’s post is an attempt to help raise awareness for the situation so negativity/threats slow or stop. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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The blogs reflect the genre

This post about blogging over at TAGN, along with the comments, is worth reading, even if you are only vaguely interested in the topic of MMO blogs. As the posts-per-day rate here has slowed over the last two months, it’s … Continue reading

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How to look senile (FBW Thursday edition)

Former MMO blogger Tobold is having a rough year. First his EVE prediction is set to be confirmed as idiotic in just over a month, the industry has nothing for him to play and banished him back to the tabletop, … Continue reading

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Time to act like a true five year old!

I’ve been blogging here for half a decade. Yikes. And having just finished re-reading my 2011 write-up post, things today are not all that different from last year (which mostly sucks). DF2.0 is still not out or even close (no … Continue reading

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So did we ever get that anti-Lum blog?

While doing my own bit of Google-fu for this post over at KTR, I stumbled on this post over at Lum’s from 1999. The first part made me smile. For those who know the origin of this blog here, I … Continue reading

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