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DF:UW – Being right isn’t always fun

One of the better inside jokes around here is the concept of a ‘Jesus patch’, because all too often the fools tossing that term around are talking about an MMO that has either shut down or is a shell of … Continue reading

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Sandbox end-game: Why keep playing long-term?

Let’s talk PvP sandbox MMO end-game today. One of my outstanding questions from the whole Warhammer Online saga is in a perfect world, what was the end-game for that MMO? I mean we know it was to raid the other … Continue reading

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Re-confirmed: I’m kind of a big deal

Knowing how many ‘real people’ readers a blog has, much less how much influence a writer has on his readers, is almost impossible to tell. WordPress provides view/visitor statistics of course, but based on personal experience those numbers aren’t 100% … Continue reading

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Spoiler Alert

Since I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about the previous post, might as well let everyone else in on our little game. Yes, the exact wording of the title was intentional. Yes, I am aware of the page rank and … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Unholy Wars going F2P and other problems sink it

Darkfall and I have had an interesting history (the fact that I heard about the first game from Tobold entertains me to this day), and unfortunately I think this post marks the final chapter. The game is going in multiple … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Day of reckoning

Today Aventurine is releasing their class removal, combat overhaul update to Darkfall: Unholy Wars. If the next few weeks aren’t a complete balance cluster, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Worst-case here IMO is that a build that completely trivializes PvE is … Continue reading

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Double cheese weekends

Quick one for today, which I think is going to build towards a more substantial post: is anyone else highly bothered by an MMO doing “double XP/loot/whatever” weekends? I think I’m primarily bothered by it because such events bring “this … Continue reading

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A fresh start, or a kick out the door?

When do you wipe an MMO? That question has been floating around Darkfall for a few days now, sparked by the massive dupe-fest that required a 5 day rollback, but grounded in the fact that the game has had major … Continue reading

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Dupes and dupes?

Finally back from work travel and a short vacation; has the genre fixed itself yet? It hasn’t, has it? Darkfall just had a fun bought with a massive dupe bug, one that apparently was very easy to reproduce so lots … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Sacrificing the game at the altar of false choice

I’ve hinted at this before, but now AV has made their plans for revamping the ‘class’ system in DF:UW public, and rather than post this to the limited audience of Forumfall, I’d rather it get more exposure here on this … Continue reading

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