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DarkFall: EuroGamer is here to make us laugh yet again. 4/10 style this time.

As others have pointed out, the bastion of journalistic integrity, Eurogamer, has another DarkFall review up. It seems since release, DarkFall is now 100% better in the ever-virtuous eyes of EG, funny how that works… To quickly summerize the four … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Much improved, and still great

Dear DarkFall: I’m sorry I doubted you, or considered not playing on the NA server. I was wrong. My bad. Seriously though, the last patch has improved a ton of stuff, and overall the game is still great fun. More … Continue reading

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WAR: Solid core with pieces of suck, but is there any hope?

Out of all the recent MMOs I’ve played or been playing, by far the most frustrating one is Warhammer Online. Not because of anything related to bugs, crashes, or features/ui stuff, but because of how much the game changes from … Continue reading

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Why is the B-team messing with your AAA product?

I’m a bit late on this one, but Eric from ElderGame has a long and detailed breakdown of why WoW is currently being run by the B-team, adding his own experience as a former dev on AC2. It’s a great … Continue reading

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DarkFall is here, again.

DarkFall has launched in the US. Forums seem happy so far, which is rare for that crowd. Guess it’s time to slot the game back between Blood Bowl, WAR, EVE, and DDO. Anyone want to fill in for me at … Continue reading

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Dummies like dummy games

My fiancé currently prefers WAR over DDO because DDO got hard. I prefer DDO over WAR because DDO is an enjoyable challenge rather than the insta-win that is general MMO PvE. I consider myself an MMO gamer; she is the … Continue reading

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It’s Curt in the car up next, hi Curt.

Have you ever listened to local sports radio, and heard callers suggest beyond ridiculous trades? You know, the one that goes something like “We get their star players, and we give them three of our bench guys that are underperforming … Continue reading

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