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A note to all bloggers

Protip: Don’t put the word ‘money’ in your title. You’re email and spam box will thank you. Chuck-o-the-day: Chuck Norris was once charged with three counts of attempted murder, but the charges were later dropped because Chuck Norris does not … Continue reading

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The ‘small’ patch to Darkfall is finally here, tomorrow.

I love when Aventurine does ‘small’ patches and we get this. As has been the trend for some time now, this patch is a good mix of new/casual player help (no mob decap) with ‘end-game’ changes like the Sea Fortress … Continue reading

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Chasing sheep money

My comment yesterday about Warhammer 40k looking like WoW in the future was only partly based off the fact that, well, it looks like WoW in the future. The other factor in making that statement was the fact that in … Continue reading

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Warhammer 40k MMO trailer

In the grim darkness of the far future… you can look forward to the accessible achievement of facerolling the neon-shaded butchery of the 40k IP. Hey look, a 40k mod for WoW! Seriously, for a game with “Dark Millennium” in … Continue reading

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Two games you should be playing right now

Indie-game update time! Inquisition has been exposed to Eschalon, and some heavy hours have been put into the game as they too have been sucked in. As I said before, if you love old school RPGs, this one is a … Continue reading

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DarkFall Community Publisher update #3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an updated on the Community Publisher program for DarkFall, mostly because nothing really noteworthy has happened concerning it until today. Sales slowed a bit after March, which seems like a rather random time … Continue reading

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This. Is. Darkfall!

No matter how I write this post it won’t do justice to what happened last night. Last night was, without a doubt, the most fun I’ve had in an MMO in a long, long time. And not only was it … Continue reading

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