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FedEx sucks

No computer until Monday. Thanks. Have a nice weekend. DIAF.

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Dungeons Review (off the demo)

Can you do a review off a demo? Yes? Cool. Dungeons is billed as the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper (Google it WoW kiddies). That’s a tall order, as DK really was special for a lot of reasons, and many … Continue reading

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F2P Entitlement

Today’s shining star: Geting 72 IP for playing good and finishing teh game fast , making expansive Champions , they want us to buy RP , makinh more skins ans no server fix , I play LoL because it’s a … Continue reading

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Rift interest: Kinda high

Exhibit one: Exhibit two: Exhibit three: Not being able to log in and actually play last night, the first night of open beta. The last one was, admittedly, a somewhat weak attempt. At just before 10pm EST I loaded up … Continue reading

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Computer Update

The good news: The computer has shipped. The bad news: FedEx expects it to arrive Monday. Anyone work for FedEx that wants to do me a favor and bump the shipment to deliver on Friday instead? That would be nice, … Continue reading

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Gaming while we wait for Rift

Waiting for the Rift early start has, surprisingly, been painful. I’m just very, very ready to get going officially and see how everything plays out. I’m curious how the servers will fair. I’m curious to see how the game handles … Continue reading

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Today’s Rift Hype: The carebears will stare but won’t care

Basically this. Finally, carebears will play by carebear rules on their PvE servers, and the sociopaths who do nothing but grief noobs will play by their rules on the PvP servers. How hard was this to do? How hard is … Continue reading

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