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It’s a race to the bottom!

Oh Blizzard. Free D3 to save WoW?(read: inflate sub numbers temporarily) Pandas? Pet fighting? A new race + new class + cap increase all in one expansion? It’s like WoW is in panic mode or something… On a slightly more … Continue reading

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My genre can beat up your genre

I’m melting!!! Wait no, that’s a pretty level graph isn’t it? So if the sky is falling, and I’m stable, does that mean I’m crushing it as hard as you suspected? I guess it does right? Epeen measuring aside (did … Continue reading

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I want sand in every genre

I prefer a TBS game (Final Fantasy Tactics-like games) that lets me build my party from scratch over one that gives me pre-made party members. This post is not about any one specific game, just some random thoughts. Creating the … Continue reading

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Dungeon Defenders: Flawed fun

I played Dungeon Defenders last night, having purchased it as a 4-pack with my regular gaming buddies, for about five hours (casually, yo). I think the fact that we played it for five hours straight says a lot right there, … Continue reading

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What the CCP layoffs and refocus tell us

Is it just me, or is this good news if you are an EVE player? Yes, it sucks for whoever got laid off, and it sucks for WoD fans, but aren’t all the recent issues around EVE due to the … Continue reading

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GW2: The pond with the fountain in the middle

Good post from Ravious over at KTR about zone/world events in GW2, and what some of the possible scenarios might be. He in particular talks about failure scenarios; what might really happen should the players not be successful during a … Continue reading

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Might and Magic Heroes 6 review

Might and Magic Heroes 6 (since when is this series not called Heroes of Might and Magic?) was released last Thursday, and over the weekend I spent a good deal of time with it, including a multi-player game along with … Continue reading

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These are not the customers you are looking for

You know, if I knew absolutely nothing about SW:TOR, and I read/heard this presentation, I’d be absolutely pumped for whatever MMO Damion Schubert is talking about. Converting casuals into hardcore players, retaining those hardcore players, understanding the importance of such … Continue reading

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Paying full price

As we picked up the 4-pack for Dungeon Defenders last night, our Steam group talked about paying for games, and why anyone would pay full price for a game in the age of $5 Steam sales, Game+DLC bundles, and Sub-to-F2P … Continue reading

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Forbes hates accessibility

Not that this Forbes article is saying anything we don’t already know, but I find it somewhat funny to read about anti-accessibility from such a source. It’s also amusing how close the issues in FPS-land mirror those of the MMO … Continue reading

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