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EVE: INQ-E’s first Corp Op

Sunday night Inquisition FiS Division had its first corp Op, a little mining trip into a .5 system near us to grab some Kernite. It was a good night overall, and left us with a few goals to work towards. … Continue reading

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Life after the AAA MMO

Last week I wrote about SW:TOR being a bad business deal (something I also stated more than a year go). Today I want to continue that line of thought, focusing on why I want current-day AAA MMOs to go the … Continue reading

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Why SW:TOR is a big bad deal

Note: If you read blogs in absolutes, this post is not going to work for you. The discussion around SW costing 300m or not, whether selling 4m box copies puts it in the black, or why anyone should care, is … Continue reading

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EVE: Incursion preview

Great stuff right here. Of the many long-term goals I have right now in EVE, getting into an Incursion fleet might be at the top of the list.

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A whole two days!?!?

BioWare gives SW players a two day grace period. Game costs 300m+ to make. Probably another 300m+ spent in marketing hype. Another $30 or so spend on soon-to-be-regrettable tattoos (Hey cool tattoo, what is it? Oh this, it’s the logo from … Continue reading

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PoxNora on Steam, yay. SOE owns PoxNora, boo.

The good news, PoxNora is on Steam. Why is this important? Because SOE owns PoxNora now, which would suggest you need to use their launcher to play the game. For those of you living under a rock, SOE + launcher … Continue reading

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That whole “EVE shutting down” thing is looking pretty solid

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, I got distracted by this old-school indy title called SW:TOR. Have you heard of it? It’s kinda cute. Very linear, short, and looks pretty dated, but not the worse way to burn … Continue reading

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