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EVE: Incursion preview

Great stuff right here. Of the many long-term goals I have right now in EVE, getting into an Incursion fleet might be at the top of the list.

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A whole two days!?!?

BioWare gives SW players a two day grace period. Game costs 300m+ to make. Probably another 300m+ spent in marketing hype. Another $30 or so spend on soon-to-be-regrettable tattoos (Hey cool tattoo, what is it? Oh this, it’s the logo from … Continue reading

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PoxNora on Steam, yay. SOE owns PoxNora, boo.

The good news, PoxNora is on Steam. Why is this important? Because SOE owns PoxNora now, which would suggest you need to use their launcher to play the game. For those of you living under a rock, SOE + launcher … Continue reading

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That whole “EVE shutting down” thing is looking pretty solid

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, I got distracted by this old-school indy title called SW:TOR. Have you heard of it? It’s kinda cute. Very linear, short, and looks pretty dated, but not the worse way to burn … Continue reading

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If a stock’s IPO is zero, does the IPO really happen?

Remember when I bought Zynga using some of my Darkfall Community Publisher cash a few days ago? Not looking like a great move… Maybe Dr. Lord Richard British A. Garriott de Cayeux Spaceman Jones the Ninth can give me some advice. … Continue reading

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EVE: Behind every great deal is a knife to the back

Yesterday I talked a little about my recent marketing ventures, but I left out one aspect of doing business in EVE: the ever-present possibility and haunting feeling of walking into a trap. Unlike most (all?) MMOs, the economy in EVE … Continue reading

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EVE: What to implant…?

CCP manages to make even the act of giving out gifts an interesting gameplay decision. Other studios should take note. Along with a long list of ‘stuff’ to select, CCP has also given out two implants recently, both of them … Continue reading

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EVE market regions and more Skyrim praise

One of my favorite ‘features’ in EVE is how markets are broken up into regions, at least in terms of averages and being able to see what is listed and where from any given station. I enjoy this because prices … Continue reading

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EVE: It’s only 22b bro, no big deal

For anyone arguing against ganking in high-sec, I give you this. Hat-tip to Jester’s Trek.

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EVE: Inquisition FiS Division is born

Last night I made the decision to leave DiS and begin working on my own corporation, Inquisition FiS Division. A lot of things factored into this decision, and I want to go into those here and also talk a bit … Continue reading

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