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So Two World II is not good

As the seemingly endless summer of “wtf do I play now” continues, I fired up Two Worlds 2 to give that a shot. Things aren’t going well on that front. The single biggest annoyance is the voice acting, especially for … Continue reading

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Sandbox end-game: Why keep playing long-term?

Let’s talk PvP sandbox MMO end-game today. One of my outstanding questions from the whole Warhammer Online saga is in a perfect world, what was the end-game for that MMO? I mean we know it was to raid the other … Continue reading

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CU: Finally something of note

CSE, makers of Camelot Unchained, have been releasing a lot of info of late about the game and the ideas behind it. So far nothing has jumped out at me as terrible ala “The 4th pillar”, but at the same … Continue reading

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What to throw money at: The next Civilization game is coming

October 24th isn’t THAT far away… right? I never played Alpha Centari, so the Sci-Fi theme here is something new to look forward to for me. I also think the setting will allow the devs to bring in some ideas … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Online: Everything but the game is looking awesome!

I was recently talking to a friend about Pathfinder Online, with the gist of the conversation being that I love everything about the game on paper, from the design docs to what the devs have said, but actually seeing it … Continue reading

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Tales from Steam: 90% off

So many questions about this. Like what is the end-game here? Because at 50 cents a copy, no amount of sales is going to amount to anything here, so what’s the point? 90% off is a bit much. This kinda … Continue reading

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The humble bundle that keeps on giving

League of Legends has been randomly lag-spiking for us recently, to the point where ranked play is now more frustrating than normal (a game mode that was already borderline more frustrating than it was worth). The real problem is that … Continue reading

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